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Madagascar: Standard DHS, 2008-09
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Survey Dataset
File Name File Size File Format
Births Recode 5.99 MB Stata System file 5.62 MB Flat data 10.0 MB SAS System file 8.27 MB SPSS System file
Couples' Recode 2.72 MB Stata System file 3.03 MB Flat data 4.09 MB SAS System file 3.11 MB SPSS System file
Household Recode 5.16 MB Stata System file 5.32 MB Flat data 7.37 MB SAS System file 5.09 MB SPSS System file
Individual Recode 12.2 MB Hierarchical 9.04 MB Stata System file 9.41 MB Flat data 13.9 MB SAS System file 9.89 MB SPSS System file
Children's Recode 3.07 MB Stata System file 3.41 MB Flat data 4.97 MB SAS System file 3.95 MB SPSS System file
Male Recode 1.62 MB Hierarchical 1.33 MB Stata System file 1.47 MB Flat data 2.16 MB SAS System file 1.58 MB SPSS System file
Household Member Recode 3.83 MB Stata System file 4.40 MB Flat data 6.98 MB SAS System file 6.00 MB SPSS System file
Geographic Datasets
File Name File Size File Format 42.3 KB Flat data
The equipment for measuring syphilis in the field proved faulty and all related variables are therefore not available in the recode data file. The scales used for measuring the weight of children did not have enough precision therefore all weight related variables for children were set to not applicable in the recode data file.