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Bangladesh: Standard DHS, 1993-94
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Survey Dataset
File Name File Size File Format
Births Recode 2.04 MB Stata System file 2.39 MB Flat data 3.43 MB SAS System file 2.22 MB SPSS System file
Couples' Recode 1.78 MB Hierarchical 1.45 MB Stata System file 1.62 MB Flat data 2.06 MB SAS System file 1.65 MB SPSS System file
Household Recode 1.76 MB Hierarchical 613 KB Stata System file 717 KB Flat data 890 KB SAS System file 731 KB SPSS System file
Individual Recode 4.14 MB Hierarchical 2.64 MB Stata System file 3.02 MB Flat data 4.16 MB SAS System file 3.10 MB SPSS System file
Children's Recode 1.35 MB Hierarchical 780 KB Stata System file 896 KB Flat data 1.07 MB SAS System file 823 KB SPSS System file
Male Recode 583 KB Hierarchical 455 KB Stata System file 519 KB Flat data 604 KB SAS System file 532 KB SPSS System file
Household Member Recode 1.65 MB Hierarchical 696 KB Stata System file 793 KB Flat data 978 KB SAS System file 1.39 MB SPSS System file
Service Availability Raw 19.1 KB Hierarchical 14.1 KB Stata System file 20.4 KB Flat data 17.6 KB SAS System file 14.5 KB SPSS System file
Wealth Index 57.0 KB Hierarchical 49.9 KB Stata System file 57.5 KB Flat data 62.3 KB SAS System file 75.6 KB SPSS System file
Data collected for women 10-49, indicators calculated for women 15-49. A total of 304 primary sampling units were selected, but fieldwork in 3 sample points was not possible.