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SPA Questionnaires
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June 2012
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The inventory questionnaire includes 3 modules designed to measure service readiness indicators and several other key maternal and child health indicators. Service readiness indicators are a set of tracer indicators identified through a joint USAID – WHO collaboration to fill gaps in measuring and tracking progress in health system strengthening. The first module collects information on overall availability of different services in health facilities; module 2 collects information on general service readiness-staff coverage, infrastructure, communication, sources of water, electricity, facility infrastructure, health care waste management, processing of equipment for reuse, pharmaceuticals, and laboratory diagnostic capacity; module 3 collects information on service-specific readiness. The inventory questionnaire includes all questions in WHO’s SARA tool which was developed in collaboration with USAID, the International Health Facility Assessment Network (IHFAN), and DHS. The orange color coded questions in the SPA inventory questionnaire are the core SARA questions.