In Tanzania, 28% of women are overweight or obese.
2015-16 Tanzania DHS-MIS »
Two-thirds of married women in Zimbabwe are using a modern method of family planning.
2015 Zimbabwe DHS »
84% of women and 51% of men in Afghanistan have no formal education.
2015 Afghanistan DHS »
In Nigeria, more than one-quarter (27%) of children under 5 tested positive for malaria by microscopy.
2015 Nigeria MIS »
In Ethiopia, 38% of children under 5 are stunted, or too short for their age.
2016 Ethiopia DHS Key Indicators Report »
85% of health facilities in Nepal offer all basic child health services – outpatient curative care for sick children, growth monitoring, and child vaccination.
2015 Nepal Health Facility Survey »
In Angola, 46% of births occur in a health facility.
2015-16 Angola DHS Key Indicators Report »

The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program has collected, analyzed, and disseminated accurate and representative data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition through more than 300 surveys in over 90 countries.


Afghanistan: DHS, 2015 - Final Report (English)
Nepal: Health Facility Survey SPA, 2015 - Final Report (English)
Tanzania: DHS and MIS 2015-16 - Final Report (English)



Collaboration Yields New Disability Questionnaire Module
The U.S. Agency for International Development, The Demographic and Health Surveys Program, and the Washington Group on Disability Statistics are proud to announce the result of their collaboration:  the Demographic and Health Surveys Disability Module. Learn more>>

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