86% of women in The Gambia received antenatal care from a skilled provider such as a doctor, nurse, or midwife.
2013 The Gambia DHS »
In Yemen, 44% percent of children age 12-23 months have received the first dose of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and 38% have received all three doses.
2013 Yemen National DHS »
91% of children age 18-29 months in Egypt are fully vaccinated.
2014 Egypt DHS »
One-third of Malawian children age 6-59 months tested positive for malaria by microscopy.
2014 Malawi MIS »
In Bangladesh, 62% of married women age 15-49 use any method of family planning.
2014 Bangladesh DHS Key Indicators Report »
The 2013-14 Malawi Service Provision Assessment (MSPA) is the first census of health facilities in Malawi.
2013-14 Malawi SPA »
Women in Rwanda have an average of 4.2 children.
2014-15 Rwanda DHS Key Indicators Report »

The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program has collected, analyzed, and disseminated accurate and representative data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition through more than 300 surveys in over 90 countries.


Contraceptive Use and Perinatal Mortality in the DHS: An Assessment of the Quality and Consistency of Calendars and Histories (English)
The Prevalence of Household Risk Factors for Children Age 0-17, Estimated for 2000-2015 Using DHS and MICS Surveys (English)
An Assessment of the Quality of DHS Anthropometric Data, 2005-2014 (English)



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