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DHS Final Reports
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FR311 Bangladesh DHS, 2014 - Final Report (English) 03/2016 Yes Yes
FR265 Bangladesh DHS, 2011 - Final Report (English) 01/2013 Yes Yes
FR207 Bangladesh DHS, 2007 - Final Report (English) 03/2009 Yes Yes
FR165 Bangladesh DHS, 2004 - Final Report (English) 05/2005 Yes Yes
FR119 Bangladesh DHS, 1999-00 - Final Report (English) 05/2001 Yes Yes
FR88 Bangladesh DHS, 1996-97 - Final Report (English) 12/1997 Yes Yes
FR60 Bangladesh DHS, 1993-94 - Final Report (English) 12/1994 Yes Yes
Other Final Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
FR142 Bangladesh Special, 2001 - Bangladesh Maternal Health Services and Maternal Mortality Survey 2001 (English) 12/2003 Yes Yes
SPA Final Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
SPA23 Bangladesh SPA, 2014 - Final Report (English) 03/2016 Yes Yes
SPA2 Bangladesh MCH SPA, 1999-00 - Final Report (English) 01/2002 Yes Yes
General Fact Sheets
ID Title Published   Download In Print
GF13 Bangladesh DHS 2007 Fact Sheet (English) 03/2009 Yes  
Other Dissemination Materials
ID Title Published   Download In Print
DM79 Bangladesh 2014 DHS - Wall Chart (English) 03/2016 Yes  
Policy Briefs
ID Title Published   Download In Print
PB12 Bangladesh 2014 Health Facility Survey - Policy Brief (English) 07/2017 Yes  
PB10 Bangladesh DHS 2014 - Policy Briefs (English) 03/2016 Yes  
PB6 Bangladesh Briefing Kit 2011 (English) 01/2013 Yes  
Summary Reports/Key Findings
ID Title Published   Download In Print
SR158 Bangladesh DHS, 2007 - Key Findings (English) 03/2009 Yes  
SR47 Bangladesh DHS, 1993-94 - Summary Report (English) 05/1995 Yes  
Qualitative Research Studies
ID Title Published   Download In Print
QRS17 Women's Recall of Delivery and Neonatal Care in Bangladesh and Malawi (English) 03/2010 Yes Yes
Analytical Studies
ID Title Published   Download In Print
AS58 Long Term Trajectories of Fertility and Contraceptive Use (English) 08/2016 Yes Yes
AS56 Marriage and Fertility Dynamics: The Influence of Marriage Age on the Timing of First Birth and Birth Spacing (English) 08/2016 Yes Yes
AS18 Intimate Partner Violence among Couples in 10 DHS Countries: Predictors and Health Outcomes (English) 12/2008 Yes Yes
AS7 Trends in Delivery Care in Six Countries (English) 09/2003 Yes Yes
AR10 Mass Media and Reproductive Behavior in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (English) 05/1999 Yes  
AR6 Determinants of Contraceptive Failure, Switching, and Discontinuation: An Analysis of DHS Contraceptive Histories (English) 10/1997 Yes Yes
Comparative Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
CR41 Levels and Trends in Newborn Care Service Availability and Readiness in Bangladesh, Haiti, Malawi, Senegal, and Tanzania (English) 08/2016 Yes Yes
CS21 Status of Women: Indicators for Twenty-five Countries (English) 12/1996 Yes  
Further Analysis
ID Title Published   Download In Print
FA99 Why So Young? The Social Context of Early Childbearing and Contraception among Young Women in Khulna, Bangladesh (English) 03/2016 Yes  
FA98 The Men Are Away: Pregnancy Risk and Family Planning Needs among Women with a Migrant Husband in Barisal, Bangladesh (English) 03/2016 Yes  
FA100 What Motivates Women to Act? Perspectives on the Value of and Experiences in Using Antenatal Care in Khulna and Rangpur, Bangladesh (English) 03/2016 Yes  
Methodological Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
MR15 Intertemporal Comparisons of Poverty and Wealth with DHS Data: A Harmonized Asset Index Approach (English) 09/2014 Yes Yes
Other Documents
ID Title Published   Download In Print
OD69 Bangladesh DHS 2014: Three Qualitative Studies (English) 03/2016 Yes Yes
Working Papers
ID Title Published   Download In Print
WP55 Association Between Maternal Birth, and Newborn Characteristics and Neonatal Mortality in Five Asian Countries (English) 08/2008 Yes  
WP48 Trends and Determinants of Adolescent Childbearing in Bangladesh (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
WP40 The Effect of Family Size and Composition on Fertility Desires, Contraceptive Adoption, and Method Choice in South Asia (English) 03/2008 Yes  
WP21 Contraceptive Use Dynamics in Bangladesh (English) 10/1996 Yes  
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