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DHS Final Reports
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FR318 Guatemala DHS, 2014-15 - Final Report (Spanish) 01/2017 Yes  
FR107 Guatemala DHS, 1998-99 - Final Report (Spanish) 07/1999 Yes Yes
FR70 Guatemala DHS, 1995 - Final Report (Spanish) 10/1996 Yes Yes
FR17 Guatemala DHS, 1987 - Final Report (Spanish) 05/1989 Yes  
Summary Reports/Key Findings
ID Title Published   Download In Print
SR161 Guatemala DHS, 1995 - Summary Report (Spanish) 10/1996 Yes  
SR8 Guatemala DHS, 1987 - Summary Report (Spanish) 11/1989 Yes  
Comparative Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
CR11 The Context of Women's Health: Results from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 1994-2001 (English) 12/2005 Yes Yes
CS7 The Availability of Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Services (English) 06/1993 Yes  
Further Analysis
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FA9 Edad de la Mujer al Primer Matrimonio y al Nacimiento del Primer Hijo [Guatemala] (Spanish) 04/1990 Yes  
Occasional Papers
ID Title Published   Download In Print
OP6 Costing the Standard Days Method (English) 07/2013 Yes Yes
Other Documents
ID Title Published   Download In Print
OD19 Petén: Salud, Migración y Recursos Naturales - Resultados del Módulo Ambiental en la Encuesta de Salud Materno Infantil 1999 (Spanish) 11/2001 Yes Yes
OD20 Guatemala Salud Materno Infantil en los Departamentos del Altiplano (Spanish) 12/1999 Yes Yes
OD2 Población y Salud en América Latina (Spanish) 03/1993 Yes Yes
OD1 Population and Health Data for Latin America (English) 03/1993 Yes Yes
Working Papers
ID Title Published   Download In Print
WP51 Guatemalan Regional Fertility Patterns 1987-2002 (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
WP2 The Relationship of Service Availability to Contraceptive Use in Rural Guatemala (English) 10/1991 Yes Yes
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