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DHS Final Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
FR309 Lesotho DHS, 2014 - Final Report (English) 05/2016 Yes Yes
FR241 Lesotho DHS, 2009 - Final Report (English) 11/2010 Yes Yes
FR171 Lesotho DHS, 2004 - Final Report (English) 11/2005 Yes  
HIV Fact Sheets
ID Title Published   Download In Print
HF57 Lesotho DHS, 2014 - HIV Fact Sheet (English) 05/2016 Yes  
HF32 Lesotho DHS, 2009 - HIV Fact Sheet (English) 11/2010 Yes  
HF6 Lesotho DHS, 2004 - HIV Fact Sheet (English) 11/2005 Yes  
Other Dissemination Materials
ID Title Published   Download In Print
DM85 Lesotho DHS 2014 - HIV Infographic (English) 05/2016 Yes  
DM84 Lesotho DHS 2014 - Infographic (English) 05/2016 Yes  
Summary Reports/Key Findings
ID Title Published   Download In Print
SR230 Lesotho DHS, 2014 - Key Findings (English) 05/2016 Yes  
Survey Presentations
ID Title Published   Download In Print
PPT47 Lesotho: DHS, 2014 - Survey Presentations (English) 05/2016 Yes  
PPT11 Lesotho: DHS, 2009 - Survey Presentations (English) 11/2010 Yes  
Analytical Studies
ID Title Published   Download In Print
AS47 Contraceptive Dynamics Following HIV Testing (English) 09/2014 Yes Yes
AS35 HIV Status and Cohabitation in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 12/2013 Yes Yes
AS40 HIV Prevalence Patterns by Age and Sex: Exploring Differences among 19 Countries (English) 09/2013 Yes Yes
AS29 HIV-Related Knowledge and Behaviors among People Living with HIV in Eight High HIV Prevalence Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 09/2012 Yes Yes
AS16 HIV and Nutrition among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 09/2008 Yes Yes
Comparative Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
CR35 Child Survival by HIV Status of the Mother: Evidence from DHS and AIS Surveys (English) 09/2014 Yes Yes
CR32 Indicators of Child Deprivation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Levels and Trends from the Demographic and Health Surveys (English) 12/2013 Yes Yes
CR30 Demographic Patterns of HIV Testing Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 04/2013 Yes Yes
CR21 Medical Injection Use and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 10/2008 Yes Yes
Methodological Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
MR7 Measuring Concurrent Sexual Partnerships: Experience of the MEASURE DHS Project to Date (English) 02/2012 Yes Yes
Working Papers
ID Title Published   Download In Print
WP125 Male Circumcision and HIV in Lesotho: Is the Relationship Real or Spurious? Analysis of the 2009 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 08/2016 Yes Yes
WP32 Desire for Children and Unmet Need for Contraception among HIV-Positive Women in Lesotho (English) 03/2007 Yes Yes
WP31 A study of the association of HIV infection with wealth in sub-Saharan Africa (English) 01/2007 Yes Yes
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