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DHS Final Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
FRIND3 India DHS, 2005-06 - Final Report (English) 09/2007 Yes Yes
FRIND2 India DHS, 1998-99 - Final Report (English) 10/2000 Yes Yes
FRIND1 India DHS, 1992-93 - Final Report (English) 08/1995 Yes  
Dissemination CD
ID Title Published   Download In Print
CD003 CD - India 1998-99 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-2) (English) 10/2000   Yes
Other Fact Sheets
ID Title Published   Download In Print
OF31 National, State and Union Territory, and District Fact Sheets - 2015-16 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) (English) 01/2016 Yes  
Summary Reports/Key Findings
ID Title Published   Download In Print
SR128 India DHS, 2005-06 - Summary Report (English) 09/2007 Yes  
SR81 India DHS, 1998-99 - Summary Report (English) 12/1999 Yes  
SR162 India DHS, 1992-93 - Summary Report (English) 08/1995 Yes  
Analytical Studies
ID Title Published   Download In Print
AS56 Marriage and Fertility Dynamics: The Influence of Marriage Age on the Timing of First Birth and Birth Spacing (English) 08/2016 Yes Yes
AR10 Mass Media and Reproductive Behavior in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (English) 05/1999 Yes  
Comparative Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
CR11 The Context of Women's Health: Results from the Demographic and Health Surveys, 1994-2001 (English) 12/2005 Yes Yes
Occasional Papers
ID Title Published   Download In Print
OP6 Costing the Standard Days Method (English) 07/2013 Yes Yes
Other Documents
ID Title Published   Download In Print
OD59 A Profile of Youth in India (English) 08/2009 Yes  
OD58 Health and Living Conditions in Eight Indian Cities (English) 08/2009 Yes  
OD57 Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in India (English) 08/2009 Yes  
OD56 Nutrition in India (English) 08/2009 Yes  
OD39 Profil de la Violence Domestique - Une étude dans plusieurs pays (French) 12/2006 Yes Yes
OD38 Perfil de la Violencia Doméstica - Un Estudio en Varios Países (Spanish) 12/2006 Yes Yes
OD32 A Focus on Gender: Collected Papers on Gender Using DHS Data (English) 08/2005 Yes Yes
OD31 Profiling Domestic Violence; A Multi-Country Study (English) 06/2004 Yes Yes
Working Papers
ID Title Published   Download In Print
WP69 The Changing Relationship between Household Wealth and Child Survival in India (English) 09/2010 Yes Yes
WP55 Association Between Maternal Birth, and Newborn Characteristics and Neonatal Mortality in Five Asian Countries (English) 08/2008 Yes  
WP53 Determinants of Induced Abortion and its Consequences on Women's Reproductive Health: Findings from India's National Family Health Surveys (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
WP52 Marriage Age and Fertility Dynamics in India (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
WP40 The Effect of Family Size and Composition on Fertility Desires, Contraceptive Adoption, and Method Choice in South Asia (English) 03/2008 Yes  
WP28 The Effect of Antenatal Care on Professional Assistance at Delivery in Rural India (English) 03/2006 Yes Yes
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