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Other Dissemination Materials
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DM46 Women's Lives and Challenges - 3 infographic posters (English) 03/2014 Yes  
Other Fact Sheets
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OF26 Togo DHS 2013-2014 - 2 Fact Sheets (French) 01/2015 Yes  
OF21 Kyrgyz Republic DHS 2012 - 5 Fact Sheets (English) 11/2013 Yes  
OF20 Tajikistan 2012 DHS - 5 Fact Sheets (Russian) (English) 11/2013 Yes  
OF6 Nigeria 2003 DHS Gender Fact Sheet (English) 08/2006 Yes  
OF5 Kenya 2003 DHS Gender Fact Sheet (English) 08/2006 Yes  
Summary Reports/Key Findings
ID Title Published   Download In Print
SR138 Swaziland DHS, 2006-07 - Key Findings (siSwati) (English) 05/2008 Yes  
Comparative Reports
ID Title Published   Download In Print
CR20 Understanding Women's Empowerment: A Comparative Analysis of Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Data (English) 10/2008 Yes Yes
CS21 Status of Women: Indicators for Twenty-five Countries (English) 12/1996 Yes  
Further Analysis
ID Title Published   Download In Print
FA82 Women's Empowerment as a Determinant of Contraceptive use in Ethiopia (English) 08/2013 Yes  
FA77 Women's Empowerment and Spousal Violence in Relation to Health Outcomes in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Yes  
FA25 Perspectives on the Population & Health Situation in Egypt (English) 07/1998 Yes Yes
Occasional Papers
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OP5 Urban Women's Employment Trajectories in Ghana and Bolivia (English) 04/1996 Yes  
OP2 Autonomy and Egyptian Women: Findings from the 1988 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (English) 01/1995 Yes  
Other Documents
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OD66 Women's Lives and Challenges: Equality and Empowerment since 2000 (English) 03/2014 Yes Yes
OD60 Millennium Development Goals in Ghana (English) 04/2010 Yes Yes
OD57 Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in India (English) 08/2009 Yes  
OD46 Trends in Youth Reproductive Health in Ethiopia, 2000 and 2005 (English) 04/2008 Yes Yes
OD40 Women's Lives and Experiences: Changes in the Past Ten Years (English) 08/2006 Yes Yes
OD32 A Focus on Gender: Collected Papers on Gender Using DHS Data (English) 08/2005 Yes Yes
OD16 Women's Lives and Experiences (English) 08/1994 Yes Yes
Working Papers
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WP106 Intimate Partner Violence and Empowerment among Women in Tanzania: Prevalence and Effects on Utilization of Reproductive and Maternal Health Services (English) 09/2014 Yes Yes
WP108 Spousal Gender-Based Violence and Women's Empowerment in the 2010-11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (English) 08/2014 Yes Yes
WP104 Individual and Community-Level Predictors of Home Delivery in Ethiopia: A Multilevel Mixed-Effects Analysis of the 2011 Ethiopia National Demographic and Health Survey (English) 08/2014 Yes Yes
WP101 The Role of Women's Empowerment in Influencing HIV Testing (English) 09/2013 Yes Yes
WP99 Relationship between Women's Socioeconomic Status and Empowerment in Burkina Faso: A Focus on Participation in Decision-Making and Experience of Domestic Violence (English) 08/2013 Yes Yes
WP91 Women's Autonomy and Reproductive Healthcare-Seeking Behavior in Ethiopia (English) 02/2013 Yes Yes
WP80 Women's Empowerment and Achievement of Desired Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa (English) 12/2010 Yes Yes
WP43 What's in the Gap? Factors Associated with the Interval Between Age at First Sex and Age at First Marriage in Cameroon and Their Implications for Reproductive Health and Women's Empowerment (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
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