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FA99 Why So Young? The Social Context of Early Childbearing and Contraception among Young Women in Khulna, Bangladesh (English) 03/2016 Yes  
FA98 The Men Are Away: Pregnancy Risk and Family Planning Needs among Women with a Migrant Husband in Barisal, Bangladesh (English) 03/2016 Yes  
FA100 What Motivates Women to Act? Perspectives on the Value of and Experiences in Using Antenatal Care in Khulna and Rangpur, Bangladesh (English) 03/2016 Yes  
FA97 Trends in Maternal Health Indicators in Sierra Leone, 2008-2013 (English) 12/2015 Yes Yes
FA96 Infant Survival Outcomes in Guinea in Light of Improved Maternal and Child Care: Further Analysis of the 2005 and 2012 Demographic and Health Surveys (English, French) 09/2014 Yes Yes
FA95 Trends in Child Health in Guinea: Further Analysis of the 2005 and 2012 Demographic and Health Surveys (English, French) 09/2014 Yes Yes
FA94 Trends in Family Planning and Age at First Marriage among Women in Guinea: Further Analysis of the 2012 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2014 Yes Yes
FA93 Malaria Prevention and Treatment for Children Under Five in Mali: Further Analysis of the 2012-13 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2014 Yes Yes
FA92 Child Health and Nutrition in Mali: Further Analysis of the 2012-13 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2014 Yes Yes
FA91 Family Planning in Mali: Further Analysis of the 2012-13 Demographic and Health Survey (English, French) 09/2014 Yes  
FA90 Rwanda 2010: A Dramatic Change in Reproductive Behavior (English) 08/2013 Yes Yes
FA89 Recent Trends in HIV-Related Knowledge and Behaviors in Rwanda, 2005-2010 (English) 08/2013 Yes Yes
FA88 Trends in Neonatal Mortality in Rwanda, 2000-2010 (English) 08/2013 Yes Yes
FA83 Multidimensional Child Deprivation Trend Analysis in Ethiopia (English) 08/2013 Yes  
FA82 Women's Empowerment as a Determinant of Contraceptive use in Ethiopia (English) 08/2013 Yes  
FA81 Trends and Determinants of Unmet Need for Family Planning and Programme Options, Ethiopia (English) 08/2013 Yes  
FA80 Components of Fertility Change in Ethiopia (English) 08/2013 Yes  
FA79 An Analysis of the Trends, Differentials and Key Proximate Determinants of Infant and Under-Five Mortality in Ethiopia (English) 08/2013 Yes  
FA87 Reproductive Preferences in Cambodia (English) 07/2013 Yes Yes
FA86 Assessing Trends in Inequalities in Maternal and Child Health and Health Care in Cambodia (English) 07/2013 Yes Yes
FA85 Completing the Continuum of Care for Maternal and Newborn Health in Cambodia: Who Drops Out? (English) 05/2013 Yes Yes
FA84 Factors Associated with the Decline of Under-Five Mortality in Cambodia, 2000-2010 (English) 05/2013 Yes Yes
FA77 Women's Empowerment and Spousal Violence in Relation to Health Outcomes in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Yes  
FA76 Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth in Nepal: Trends and Determinants (English) 03/2013 Yes  
FA75 Trends and Determinants of Neonatal Mortality in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Yes  
FA74 Impact of Male Migration on Contraceptive Use, Unmet Need and Fertility in Nepal (English) 03/2013 Yes  
FA73 Maternal and Child Health in Nepal: The Effects of Caste, Ethnicity, and Regional Identity (English) 03/2013 Yes  
FA72 Levels and Trends in Unmet Need for Family Planning among Adolescents and Young Women in Ethiopia: Further Analysis of the 2000, 2005, and 2011 Demographic and Health Surveys (English) 02/2013 Yes  
FA71 HIV among couples in Mozambique: HIV status, knowledge of status, and factors associated with HIV serodiscordance (English) 12/2011 Yes  
FA70 HIV no seio dos casais em Moçambique: Estado serológico, conhecimento do estado, e factores associados com a serodiscordância do HIV (Portuguese) 12/2011 Yes Yes
FA69 Pratique contraceptive et importance des besoins non satisfaits en matière de planification familiale au Mali, de 1995 à 2006 (French) 09/2009 Yes Yes
FA68 État nutritionnel des enfants de moins de cinq ans au Mali de 1995 à 2006 (French) 09/2009 Yes Yes
FA67 Levels and Trends of Contraceptive Prevalence and Estimate of Unmet Need for Family Planning in Rwanda (English) 09/2009 Yes Yes
FA66 Childhood Mortality in Rwanda: Levels, Trends, and Differentials (English) 09/2009 Yes Yes
FA64 Uganda - Key Findings from the 2006 UDHS - A Gender Perspective (English) 05/2009 Yes Yes
FA65 Changing Health Conditions and the Decline of Infant and Child Mortality in Benin (English, French) 04/2009 Yes Yes
FA63 Évaluation de l'impact du biais des non réponses sur la prévalence du VIH estimée aud cours de l'EDSM-IV au Mali (French) 09/2008 Yes Yes
FA62 Unmet Need and Evaluation of Programme Options to Meet Unmet Need for Contraception in Ethiopia, 2000 and 2005 (English) 09/2008 Yes Yes
FA58 Caste, Ethnic and Regional Identity in Nepal (English) 09/2008 Yes Yes
FA60 Unmet Need and the Demand for Family Planning in Uganda (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
FA55 The Relationship between Contraception and Abortion in the Republic of Georgia (English) 08/2008 Yes Yes
FA54 Improvements in Maternal Health in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Yes Yes
FA53 Trends in Economic Differentials in Population and Health Outcomes (English) 05/2008 Yes  
FA52 Factors Responsible for the Rapid Decline of Fertility in Nepal - An Interpretation (English) 05/2008 Yes Yes
FA51 Effects of Communication Campaigns on the Health Behavior of Women of Reproductive Age in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Yes Yes
FA50 A Comparative Analysis of Unmet Need in Nepal (English) 05/2008 Yes Yes
FA57 Factors Associated with Prevalent HIV Infections among Ethiopian Adults (English) 04/2008 Yes Yes
FA56 Changes in HIV-Related Knowledge and Behavior in Ethiopia, 2000-2005 (English) 04/2008 Yes Yes
FA48 Evaluating HIV Seroprevalence Estimates from Ethiopia (English) 04/2008 Yes Yes
FA49 The Treatment of Childhood Illness in Nepal (English) 01/2008 Yes Yes
FA47 The Stall in Mortality Decline in Ghana (English) 12/2005 Yes Yes
FA46 An In-Depth Analysis of HIV Prevalence in Ghana (English) 04/2005 Yes Yes
FA44 Mistimed and Unwanted Pregnancies in Jordan (English) 09/2004 Yes Yes
FA43 Greater Cairo Slums (English) 03/2004 Yes Yes
FA45 Menya Governorate (English) 02/2004 Yes  
FA41 Perspectives on Women's and Children's Health in Egypt (English) 04/2003 Yes Yes
FA38 Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services in Ethiopia (English) 11/2002 Yes  
FA39 Determinants of the Nutritional Status of Mothers and Children in Ethiopia (English) 11/2002 Yes  
FA37 Evaluation of Program Options to Meet Unmet Need for Family Planning in Ethiopia (English) 11/2002 Yes Yes
FA40 Attitudes Toward Family Planning and Reasons for Nonuse among Women with Unmet Need for Family Planning in Ethiopia (English) 01/2002 Yes  
FA36 An Analytical Insight into a Traditional Method: Withdrawal Use in Turkey (English) 12/2001 Yes Yes
FA35 Contraceptive Use Dynamics in the Philippines: Determinants of Contraceptive Method Choice and Discontiuation (English) 10/2000 Yes Yes
FA34 Family planning Service Utilization and Market Segmentation in the Philippines (English) 10/2000 Yes Yes
FA32 Greater Than Expected Fertility Decline in Ghana: An Examination of the Evidence (English) 08/2000 Yes  
FA31 A Decade of Unmet Need for Contraception In Ghana: Programmatic and Policy Implications (English) 08/2000 Yes  
FA30 Patterns of Contraceptive Use in Indonesia (English) 03/2000 Yes Yes
FA29 The Two-Child Norm in the Philippines (English) 12/1999 Yes Yes
FA27 Perspectives sur la Planification Familiale et la Santé de la Reproduction au Bénin (French) 12/1999 Yes  
FA28 The Two-Child Norm in Indonesia (English) 11/1999 Yes Yes
FA26 Regard sur la fécondité, la santé et la planification familiale au Maroc (French) 06/1999 Yes  
FA61 Fécondité, planification familiale et santé de la mère et de l'enfant à Madagascar Situation régionale (French) 05/1999 Yes Yes
FA25 Perspectives on the Population & Health Situation in Egypt (English) 07/1998 Yes Yes
FA24 Perspectives sur la planification familiale, la fécondité et la santé au Sénégal (French) 06/1998 Yes Yes
FA23 The Socioeconomic and Demographic Situation of Adolescents and Young Adults in Zimbabwe (English) 10/1997 Yes Yes
FA22 Knowledge of STIs and AIDS, Risk Awareness and Condom Use in Zimbabwe (English) 10/1997 Yes  
FA20 Trends and Differentials in Child Mortality: Zimbabwe, 1970-1994 (English) 10/1997 Yes Yes
FA19 Trends and Differentials in Fertility in Zimbabwe, 1980-1994 (English) 10/1997 Yes Yes
FA21 Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Regarding AIDS in Benin (English, French) 07/1997 Yes  
FA18 Contraceptive Use Dynamics in Zimbabwe: Postpartum Contraceptive Behaviour (English) 07/1997 Yes Yes
FA17 Insights On Family Health Issues in Nepal (English) 07/1997 Yes  
FA16 Fertility Trends, Women's Status, and Reproductive Expectations in Turkey (English) 03/1997 Yes Yes
FA15 Contraceptive Use Dynamics in Zimbabwe: Discontinuation, Switching and Failure (English) 12/1996 Yes Yes
FA14 Contraception, Abortion and Maternal Health Services in Turkey (English) 12/1996 Yes Yes
FA59 Model Further Analysis Plan: Contraceptive Use Dynamics (English) 08/1995 Yes  
FA13 Perspectives on Fertility and Family Planning in Egypt (English) 08/1995 Yes Yes
FA12 Trends, Age Patterns, and Determinants of Early Childhood Mortality in Kenya (English) 05/1994 Yes  
FA11 Fertility Transition in Kenya (English) 12/1991 Yes Yes
FA9 Edad de la Mujer al Primer Matrimonio y al Nacimiento del Primer Hijo [Guatemala] (Spanish) 04/1990 Yes  
FA8 Determinantes, Niveles y Tendencias de la Fecundidad en la República Dominicana (Spanish) 04/1990 Yes  
FA7 Social Sectors and Reproduction in Mexico (English) 04/1990 Yes  
FA6 An Analysis of Reproductive Behavior in Brazil (English) 04/1990 Yes  
FA10 Determinants of Health and Mortality in Africa (English, French) 04/1990 Yes  
FA5 Family Formation Patterns and Child Mortality in Mexico (English) 03/1990 Yes  
FA4 Selection, Change and Discontinuation of Contraceptive Methods in Trinidad and Tobago (English) 03/1990 Yes  
FA3 Breastfeeding and Diarrhea in Brazilian Children (English) 03/1990 Yes  
FA2 Population Studies in Sri Lanka and Indonesia Based on the 1987 Sri Lanka Demographic and Health Survey and the 1987 National Indonesia Contraceptive Prevalence Survey (English) 03/1990 Yes  
FA1 Health and Population Studies Based on the 1987 Thailand Demographic and Health Survey (English) 12/1989 Yes  
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