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Journalists worldwide write about The DHS Program results. The dissemination of DHS, SPA and HIV data is often widely covered by media in survey countries, but journalists also use The DHS Program data throughout the year as background information for their stories, or to compare health and development indicators across countries. These data are also used by journalists in the United States and other developed countries, as it is considered the gold standard of population, health and nutrition data. Below are some examples of recent news coverage. Please note: The links below are to websites outside The DHS Program.

Jul 14, 2016
Egypt's Population Surges Past 90 Million, Straining Resources Of A Poor Nation
Leila Fadel
NPR PARALLELS (Cairo, Egypt)

"...In 2008, each women had an average of three children. and in 2014 that number jumped to 3.5..."

Jul 12, 2016
UNICEF applauds ban on Child Marriage in Gambia
THE POINT (Banjul, Gambia)

"...The 2013 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) indicates that over 40 per cent of women aged 20 – 49 in The Gambia were married before the age of 18 years, while 16 per cent of women of the same age cohort got married before they turned 15..."

Jul 11, 2016
Teenage girls need protection, facts to avoid early pregnancies
Muthoni Waweru
CAPITAL FM NEWS (Nairobi, Kenya)

"...Teenage girls remain vulnerable in terms of their reproductive health with the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (2014) indicating that one in every five girls between 15-19 years have begun child bearing..."

Jul 04, 2016
Aiming to end the circle of violence, UNICEF launches its latest campaign to save children
Nada Deyaa'

"...93% of children are exposed to different types of abuse under the name of discipline. 78% of these children age 14 and under are victims of physical violence, according to the 2014 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey..."

Jul 04, 2016
Tanzania launches crackdown on child marriage with 30-year jail terms
Kizito Makoye

"...21 percent of girls aged 15 to 19 have given birth, according to a 2015/16 survey conducted by the Tanzania Bureau of Statistics..."