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Journalists worldwide write about The DHS Program results. The dissemination of DHS, SPA and HIV data is often widely covered by media in survey countries, but journalists also use The DHS Program data throughout the year as background information for their stories, or to compare health and development indicators across countries. These data are also used by journalists in the United States and other developed countries, as it is considered the gold standard of population, health and nutrition data. Below are some examples of recent news coverage. Please note: The links below are to websites outside The DHS Program.

Feb 23, 2017
Caesarean sections see an alarming rise

Sushmi Dey
THE TIMES OF INDIA (Gurgaon, India)

"...According to the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, conducted in 15 states and UTs, rate of c-section surgeries in some states is as high as 87.1%..."

Feb 22, 2017
Obesity In India Has Doubled In Some Parts Over The Last 10 Years According To This Report

Regi George Jenarius
INDIATIMES (Gurgaon, India)

"In a shocking revelation by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) the obesity levels in the urban population of Rajasthan has doubled over the last 10 years..."

Feb 22, 2017
Teach teenagers contraceptives use says Gender minister

Diane Mushimiyimana
THE NEW TIMES (Kigali, Rwanda)

"Pregnancy among teenage girls in Rwanda increased from 6.1 per cent to 7.3 per cent according to the demographic and health survey 2014/2015..."

Feb 19, 2017
In Bangladesh Providing Safety Nets to Young Mothers for a Promising Future

THE WORLD BANK (Washington, DC)

"While Bangladesh has significantly reduced child and maternal mortality, the country still remains among the 10 countries with the highest prevalence of malnutrition. According to Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2014, 36.1 percent of children under 5 are considered to be short for their age or stunted..."

Feb 15, 2017
Less than 50 percent households in Assam use improved sanitation facilities

Gaurav Das
THE TIMES OF INDIA (Guwahati, India)

"A total of 439 villages in Assam have been declared open defecation-free (ODF) but only 47.7% of households used 'improved sanitation facilities', the latest National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-4 said..."