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Brazil: Standard DHS, 1986
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Survey Dataset
File Name File Size File Format
Births Recode 1.27 MB Stata System file 1.41 MB Flat data 1.84 MB SAS System file 1.72 MB SPSS System file
Household Raw 131 KB Hierarchical 110 KB Stata System file 126 KB Flat data 139 KB SAS System file 124 KB SPSS System file
Height and Weight Scores - WHO Child Growth Standards 23.9 KB Hierarchical 22.7 KB Stata System file 25.7 KB Flat data 24.8 KB SAS System file 23.5 KB SPSS System file
Individual Recode 1.43 MB Hierarchical 1.27 MB Stata System file 1.41 MB Flat data 1.96 MB SAS System file 1.33 MB SPSS System file
Children's Recode 987 KB Stata System file 703 KB Flat data 867 KB SAS System file 749 KB SPSS System file
Data collected for women 15-44