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Maldives: Standard DHS, 2009
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Survey Dataset
File Name File Size File Format
Births Recode 2.76 MB Stata System file 2.69 MB Flat data 4.39 MB SAS System file 4.03 MB SPSS System file
Couples' Recode 969 KB Stata System file 1.11 MB Flat data 1.26 MB SAS System file 1.05 MB SPSS System file
Household Recode 2.51 MB Stata System file 2.80 MB Flat data 3.56 MB SAS System file 2.74 MB SPSS System file
Individual Recode 5.24 MB Hierarchical 3.66 MB Stata System file 3.94 MB Flat data 5.42 MB SAS System file 4.03 MB SPSS System file
Children's Recode 1.35 MB Stata System file 1.54 MB Flat data 2.01 MB SAS System file 1.74 MB SPSS System file
Male Recode 495 KB Hierarchical 409 KB Stata System file 475 KB Flat data 569 KB SAS System file 457 KB SPSS System file
Other Data 184 KB Hierarchical 146 KB Stata System file 173 KB Flat data 190 KB SAS System file 153 KB SPSS System file
Household Member Recode 1.98 MB Stata System file 2.15 MB Flat data 3.71 MB SAS System file 3.11 MB SPSS System file
CAUTION FOR MEN’S DATA FILES: The response rate to the male interview was inordinately low (interviews were completed with 54 percent of the men who were eligible for interview); therefore, any user of the men’s data should be aware that the data may not accurately represent the wider Maldivian male population.

MVOD50*.ZIP (Other Data): - This comes from the Youth & Young Adult Questionnaire.