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Rwanda: Interim DHS, 2007-08
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Survey Dataset
File Name File Size File Format
Births Recode 1.50 MB Stata System file 1.70 MB Flat data 2.67 MB SAS System file 2.03 MB SPSS System file
Household Recode 1.45 MB Stata System file 1.63 MB Flat data 2.18 MB SAS System file 1.42 MB SPSS System file
Individual Recode 3.42 MB Hierarchical 2.28 MB Stata System file 2.53 MB Flat data 3.39 MB SAS System file 2.45 MB SPSS System file
Children's Recode 923 KB Stata System file 1.10 MB Flat data 1.48 MB SAS System file 1.14 MB SPSS System file
Male Recode 680 KB Hierarchical 510 KB Stata System file 597 KB Flat data 795 KB SAS System file 650 KB SPSS System file
Household Member Recode 1.31 MB Stata System file 1.46 MB Flat data 2.19 MB SAS System file 1.98 MB SPSS System file
Geographic Datasets
File Name File Size File Format 20.4 KB Flat data
Only 249 of 250 clusters were surveyed, because one cluster located in a refugee camp had to be eliminated from the sample. Woman/husband's line number (V034/MV034) not collected, so no couples files.