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Adolescent sexual behavior and reproductive outcomes in Central America: trends over the past two decades
Author(s): Samandari G, Speizer IS
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (MAR 2010) , 2010 Mar;36(1):26-35. doi: 10.1363/ipsrh.36.026.10
Topic(s): Fertility , Pregnancy outcomes , Youth
Determinants of child morbidity in Latin America: A pooled analysis of interactions between parental education and economic status
Author(s): Hatt, L.E., H.R. Waters
Source: Social Science and Medicine (2006) , Vol 62, Num 2, Page: 375-386
Topic(s): Child health
Female sterilization in Latin America: Cross-national perspectives
Author(s): Leite, I.D.C., N. Gupta, R.D.N. Rodrigues
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (2005) , Vol 36, Num 6, Page: 683-698
Topic(s): Contraception
Fertility changes in Latin America in periods of economic uncertainty
Author(s): Alicia Adsera & Alicia Menendez
Source: Population Studies (2011) , Volume 65, Issue 1, pages 37-56; DOI: 10.1080/00324728.2010.530291
Topic(s): Economics , Fertility
Motherhood and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Infertility Shocks
Author(s): Jorge M. Agüero & Mindy S. Marks
Source: American Economic Review (MAY 2008) , 2008. vol. 98(2), pages 500-504, DOI:10.1257/aer.98.2.500
Topic(s): Fertility
Motherhood and Female Labor Supply in the Developing World: Evidence from Infertility Shocks
Author(s): Agüero, Jorge M., and Mindy S. Marks
Source: Journal of Human Resources (2011) , Fall 2011, Vol. 46 Issue 4, p800-826, 27p
Topic(s): Fertility
Prevalence and correlates of HIV testing among Caribbean youth
Author(s): B E Andrews
Source: International Journal of STD & AIDS (DEC 2011) , December 2011 vol. 22 no. 12 722-726, doi: 10.1258/ijsa.2011.011088
Topic(s): HIV testing , Youth
Sexual and reproductive behaviour among single women aged 15-24 in eight Latin American countries: a comparative analysis
Author(s): ALI Mohamed M.; CLELAND John
Source: Social Science and Medicine (2005) , Volume 60, Issue 6, March 2005, Pages 1175-1185, doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2004.07.002
Topic(s): Sexual behavior
Sociodemographic and behavioural characteristics of youth reporting hiv testing in three Caribbean countries
Author(s): B Andrews
Source: West Indian Medical Journal (JUN 2011) , 2011 Jun; 60(3):276-83
Topic(s): HIV testing , Youth
The effects of status on women's autonomy in Bolivia, Peru, and Nicaragua
Author(s): Heaton, T.B., T.J. Huntsman, D.F. Flake
Source: Population Research and Policy Review (2005) , Vol 24, Num 3, Page: 283-300
Topic(s): Women's autonomy
Timing of children's vaccinations in 45 low-income and middle-income countries: an analysis of survey data
Author(s): Andrew Clark MA, Dr Colin Sanderson PhD
Source: Lancet (MAR 2009) , Early Online Publication, 20 March 2009
Topic(s): Child health , Immunization
Trends in reproductive behavior among young single women in Colombia and Peru: 1985-1999
Author(s): Ali, M.M., J.G. Cleland, I.H. Shah
Source: Demography (2003) , Vol 40, Num 4, Page: 659-673
Topic(s): Contraception , Sexual behavior
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