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A multilevel analysis of effect of neighbourhood and individual wealth status on sexual behaviour among women: evidence from Nigeria 2003 Demographic and Health Survey
Author(s): Olalekan A Uthman and Eugene J Kongnyuy
Source: BMC International Health and Human Rights (JUN 2008) , 8:9doi:10.1186/1472-698X-8-9
Country(s): Nigeria
Alternative wealth indices and health estimates in India
Author(s): Sanjay K. Mohanty
Source: Genus (2009) , Vol 65, No 2 (2009), pp. 113-137
Country(s): India
Comparison of physical, public and human assets as determinants of socioeconomic inequalities in contraceptive use in Colombia - moving beyond the household wealth index
Author(s): Catalina González, Tanja AJ Houweling, Michael G Marmot and Eric J Brunner
Source: International Journal for Equity in Health (APR 2010) , 2010, 9:10, doi:10.1186/1475-9276-9-10
Country(s): Colombia
Development of a proxy wealth index for women utilizing emergency obstetric care in Bangladesh
Author(s): Emma Pitchforth, Edwin van Teijlingen, Wendy Graham and Ann Fitzmaurice
Source: Health Policy and Planning (2007) , 2007 22(5):311-319
Country(s): Bangladesh
Economic Disparity and Child Survival in Cambodia
Author(s): R Hong; V Mishra; J Michael
Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health (2007) , 2007 Vol. 19 No. 2
Country(s): Cambodia
Effect of economic inequality on chronic childhood undernutrition in Ghana
Author(s): Rathavuth Hong
Source: Public Health Nutrition (DEC 2006) , (2007), 10: 371-378
Country(s): Ghana
Equity and the child health Millennium Development Goal: the role of pro-poor health policies
Author(s): Margaret E Kruk, Marta R Prescott, Helen de Pinho, Sandro Galea
Source: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (2011) , 2011;vol. 65, issue 4:327-333 doi:10.1136/jech.2009.096081
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Examining the Effect of Household Wealth and Migration Status on Safe Delivery Care in Urban India, 1992–2006
Author(s): Singh PK, Rai RK, Singh L
Source: PLoS ONE (SEP 2012) , 7(9): e44901. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044901
Country(s): India
How well does LiST capture mortality by wealth quintile? A comparison of measured versus modelled mortality rates among children under-five in Bangladesh
Author(s): Agbessi Amouzou, Stephanie A Richard, Ingrid K Friberg, Jennifer Bryce, Abdullah H Baqui, Shams El Arifeen and Neff Walker
Source: International Journal of Epidemiology (2010) , Volume39, Issuesuppl 1, Pp. i186-i192. doi:10.1093/ije/dyq034
Country(s): Bangladesh
Late-Twentieth-Century Fertility Decline in Moldova: Interplay of Female Autonomy, Wealth, and Education.
Author(s): Ryabov, Igor
Source: Journal of Family History (APR 2010) , Apr2010, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p164-179, 16p
Country(s): Moldova
Measuring Inequality of Opportunity with Imperfect Data: The Case of Turkey
Author(s): Ferreira, Francisco H. G.; Gignoux, Jeremie; Aran, Meltem
Source: Journal of Economic Inequality (DEC 2011) , December 2011, v. 9, iss. 4, pp. 651-80, DOI:
Country(s): Turkey
Overweight and obesity in urban Africa: A problem of the rich or the poor?
Author(s): Abdhalah K Ziraba, Jean C Fotso, Rhoune Ochako
Source: BMC Public Health (2009) , 2009, 9:465, doi:10.1186/1471-2458-9-465
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Reflections on Wealth Quintile Distribution and Health Outcomes
Author(s): T R Dilip and Udaya S Mishra
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (NOV 2008) , Vol - XLIII No. 48, November 29, 2008
Country(s): India
Relationship between household wealth inequality and chronic childhood under-nutrition in Bangladesh
Author(s): Rathavuth Hong, James E Banta and Jose A Betancourt
Source: International Journal for Equity in Health (DEC 2006) , 2006, 5:15 doi:10.1186/1475-9276-5-15
Country(s): Bangladesh
Rich-Poor Gap in Maternal Care
Author(s): Laishram Ladusingh; Chungkham Holendro Singh
Source: Asian Population Studies (MAR 2007) , Volume 3, Issue 1 March 2007 , pages 79 - 94
Country(s): India
Socioeconomic status and chronic child malnutrition: wealth and maternal education matter more in the Peruvian Andes than nationally
Author(s): Urke HB, Bull T, Mittelmark MB.
Source: Nutrition Research (OCT 2011) , Oct2011, Vol. 31 Issue 10, p741-747, 7p
Country(s): Peru
The Role of Wealth in Infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa within Urban and between Urban and Rural Areas
Author(s): Okechukwu D. Anyamele
Source: International Journal of Economics and Research (JAN 2011) , vol. 2, Issue 1, 2011 pp 73-81.
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
The Weight of Success: The Body Mass Index and Economic Well-Being in Southern Africa. Review of Income and Wealth
Author(s): Wittenberg, M.
Source: Review of Income and Wealth (MAR 2013) , Volume 59, Issue Supplement S1, pages S62–S83, doi: 10.1111/roiw.12029
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Understanding the correlations between wealth, poverty and human immunodeficiency virus infection in African countries
Author(s): Justin O Parkhurst
Source: Bulletin of the World Health Organization (JUL 2010) , vol.88 no.7 Genebra July 2010 doi: 10.1590/S0042-96862010000700011
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Utilization of HIV-related services from the private health sector: A multi-country analysis
Author(s): Wenjuan Wang, Sara Sulzbach and Susna De
Source: Social Science and Medicine (JAN 2011) , Volume 72, Issue 2, January 2011, Pages 216-223 doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.11.011
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Wealth and antenatal care use: implications for maternal health care utilisation in Ghana
Author(s): Eric Arthur
Source: Health Economics Review (AUG 2012) , 2012, 2:14 doi:10.1186/2191-1991-2-14
Country(s): Ghana
Wealth Index association with gender issues and the reproductive health of Egyptian women
Author(s): Afifi M.
Source: Food and Nutrition Bulletin (MAR 2009) , 11(1):29-36. doi: 10.1111/j.1442-2018.2009.00419.x.
Country(s): Egypt
Wealth Status and Risky Sexual Behaviour in Ghana and Kenya
Author(s): Awusabo-Asare, Kofi; Annim, Samuel K.
Source: Applied Health Economics and Health Policy (2008) , Volume 6, Number 1, 2008 , pp. 27-39(13)
Country(s): Ghana, Kenya
Wealth, Wealth Indices and HIV Risk in East Africa
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Bingenheimer
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (JUN 2007) , Volume 33, Number 2, June 2007
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Wealthiest Is Not Always Healthiest: What Explains Differences in Child Mortality in West Africa?
Author(s): Amy Ickowitz
Source: Journal of African Economies (SEP 2011) , Vol. 0, number 0, pp. 1–36, First published online: September 20, 2011, doi: 10.1093/jae/ejr035
Country(s): Multiple African Countries, Cote d’Ivoire , Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo
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