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 Topic: Adult mortality
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A comparative study on adult mortality of Nepal
Author(s): Aryal UR, Lohani SP, Upadhyaya S, Sinha RC.
Source: Kathmandu University Medical Journal (2009) , Jul-Sep;7(27):246-51.
Country(s): Nepal
Adult Mortality From Sibling Survival Data: A Reappraisal of Selection Biases
Author(s): Bruno Masquelier
Source: Demography (FEB 2013) , Volume 50, Issue 1, pp 207-228
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Adult mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys
Author(s): Timaeus, I., M. Jasseh
Source: Demography (2004) , Vol 41, Num 4, Page: 757-772
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Adult mortality: Time for a reappraisal
Author(s): Gakidou, E., M. Hogan, A.D. Lopez
Source: International Journal of Epidemiology (2004) , Vol 33, Num 4, Page: 710-717
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Death by survey: Estimating adult mortality without selection bias from sibling survival data
Author(s): Gakidou, E., G. King
Source: Demography (2006) , Vol 43, Num 3, Page: 569-585
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Author(s): Saikia, Nandita; Ram, F.
Source: Asian Population Studies (JUL 2010) , Jul2010, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p153-171, 19p, DOI: 10.1080/17441730.2010.494441
Country(s): India
Differential life expectancies in India: An analysis of National Family Health Survey
Author(s): Jayachandran, V.
Source: Demography India (2003) , Vol 32, Num 2, Page: 293-304
Country(s): India
Estimating adult mortality in Zambia using information on survival of parents from surveys
Author(s): Vesper H. Chisumpa, Rob Dorrington
Source: African Population Studies (APR 2011) , 25(1): 113-126; DOI:
Country(s): Zambia
Marriage Behavior Response to Prime-Age Adult Mortality: Evidence from Malawi
Author(s): Mika Ueyama and Futoshi Yamauchi
Source: Demography (FEB 2009) , Volume 46, Number 1, February 2009, pp. 43-63
Country(s): Malawi
Measuring Adult Mortality Using Sibling Survival: A New Analytical Method and New Results for 44 Countries, 1974–2006
Author(s): Ziad Obermeyer, Julie Knoll Rajaratnam, Chang H. Park, Emmanuela Gakidou, Margaret C. Hogan, Alan D. Lopez, Christopher J. L. Murray
Source: PLoS Medicine (APR 2010) , April 2010, vol. 7, issue 4
Country(s): Multiple Regions
The Demographic and Socio-economic Distribution of Excess Mortality during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda
Author(s): D. de Walque and P. Verwimp
Source: Journal of African Economies (JAN 2010) , 2010 19(2):141-162; doi:10.1093/jae/ejp029
Country(s): Rwanda
The impact of AIDS on adult mortality: Evidence from national and regional statistics
Author(s): Blacker, J.
Source: AIDS (2004) , Vol 18, Num 2, Page: S9-S26
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Using Bayesian Networks to Model Hierarchical Relationships in Epidemiological Studies
Author(s): Georges Nguefack-Tsague
Source: Epidemiology and Health (2011) , Volume: 33, Article ID: e2011006, 8 pages; DOI 10.4178/epih/e2011006
Country(s): Cameroon
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