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 Topic: Public expenditures
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Equity of skilled birth attendant utilization in developing countries: Financing and policy determinants
Author(s): Kruk ME , Prescott MR, Galea S
Source: American Journal of Public Health (JAN 2008) , 2008 Jan;98(1):142-147.
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Measuring sustainability as a programming tool for health sector investments —report from a pilot sustainability assessment in five Nepalese health districts.
Author(s): Eric Sarriot, Jim Ricca, Leo Ryan, Jagat Basnet, Sharon Arscott-Mills
Source: International Journal of Health Planning and Management (APR 2008) , 2008
Country(s): Nepal
Spending to save? State health expenditure and infant mortality in India.
Author(s): Bhalotra S.
Source: Health Economics (SEP 2007) , CMPO Working Paper Series No. 07/169
Country(s): India
Strategies for Children under Six
Author(s): Working Group on Children under Six
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (DEC 2007) , VOL 42 No. 52 December 20, 2007 – January 04, 2008,
Country(s): India
Results (1 - 4) of 4 Page(s): 1