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Application of retinol-binding protein enzyme immunoassay to dried blood spots to assess vitamin A deficiency in a population-based survey: The Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2006.
Author(s): Baingana RK, Kasozi Matovu DK, and Garrett D.
Source: Food and Nutrition Bulletin (DEC 2008) , 2008; 29 (4): 297-305
Country(s): Uganda
Childhood vitamin A capsule supplementation coverage in Nigeria: a multilevel analysis of geographic and socioeconomic inequities.
Author(s): Aremu O, Lawoko S, Dalal K.
Source: The Scientific World Journal (OCT 2010) , 2010 Oct 1;10:1901-14. DOI:10.1100/tsw.2010.188
Country(s): Nigeria
Coverage of the National Vitamin A Supplementation Program in Ethiopia
Author(s): Semba, Richard D.; de Pee, Saskia; Sun, Kai; Bloem, Martin W.; Raju, V. K.
Source: Journal of Tropical Pediatrics (APR 2008) , Volume 54, Number 2, 28 April 2008 , pp. 141-144(4), DOI:
Country(s): Ethiopia
Low intake of vitamin A–rich foods among children, aged 12–35 months, in India: association with malnutrition, anemia, and missed child survival interventions.
Author(s): Semba RD ; de Pee S ; Sun K ; Campbell AA ; Bloem MW ; Raju V
Source: Nutrition (OCT 2010) , 2010 Oct; 26(10): 958-62; DOI: 10.1016/j.nut.2009.08.010
Country(s): India
Micronutrient profile of children and women in rural Bangladesh: study on available data for iron and vitamin A supplementation
Author(s): Rahman M.
Source: East African Journal of Public Health (APR 2009) , 6(1):102-7.
Country(s): Bangladesh
The importance of controlling for the acute-phase response in the population-based assessment of vitamin A status: a study in children of pre-school age in Uganda.
Author(s): Baingana R, Matovu-Kasozi D, Garrett D.
Source: Public Health Nutrition (OCT 2012) , 1:1-8. [Epub ahead of print], DOI: 10.1017/S1368980012004351, Published online: 01 October 2012
Country(s): Uganda
The Role of Expanded Coverage of the National Vitamin A Program in Preventing Morbidity and Mortality among Preschool Children in India.
Author(s): Richard D. Semba, Saskia de Pee, Kai Sun, Martin W. Bloem, V. K. Raju
Source: Journal of Nutrition (JAN 2010) , vol. 140 no. 1 208S-212S
Country(s): India
Vitamin A Supplementation and Stunting Levels among Two Year Olds in Kenya: Evidence from the 2008-09 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey
Author(s): Elizabeth W. Kimani-Murage, Crispin Ndedda, Katherine Raleigh and Peninah Masibo
Source: International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition (2013) , Volume 1 Number 2, Pages 135-147
Country(s): Kenya
Vitamin A supplementation in Cambodia: program coverage and association with greater maternal formal education
Author(s): Grover DS, Pee Sd, Sun K, Raju VK, Bloem MW, Semba RD.
Source: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2008) , 17(3):446-50.
Country(s): Cambodia
Results (1 - 9) of 9 Page(s): 1