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AIDS and declining support for dependent elderly people in Africa: retrospective analysis using demographic and health surveys
Author(s): Tim Kautz, Eran Bendavid, Jay Bhattacharya, Grant Miller
Source: British Medical Journal (JUN 2010) , 2010;340:c2841
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Fertility decline, family structure, and support for older persons in Latin America and Asia
Author(s): Glaser, K., E.M. Agree, E. Costenbader, A. Camargo, B. Trench, J. Natividad, Y.L. Chuang
Source: Journal of Aging and Health (2006) , Vol 18, Num 2, Page: 259-291
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Gender disparities in living arrangements of older people in Ghana: Evidence from the 2003 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey.
Author(s): Mba CJ
Source: Journal of International Women's Studies (NOV 2007) , 2007 Nov;9(1):153-166
Country(s): Ghana
Household Composition Among Elders in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Context of HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Zimmer, Zachary
Source: Journal of Marriage and Family (NOV 2009) , Volume 71, Number 4, November 2009 , pp. 1086-1099(14); DOI:
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Is lifestyle influencing morbidity among elderly?
Author(s): Mutharayappa R ; Bhat TN
Source: Journal of Health Management (2008) , 2008 May-Aug; 10(2): 203-17 (26 ref)
Country(s): India
Older Persons and Malaria Treatment in Nigeria
Author(s): Fayehun O.A and Salami K.K.
Source: African Population Studies (2014) , 27(2): 424-433
Country(s): Nigeria
Results (1 - 6) of 6 Page(s): 1