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Can We Still Learn Something From the Relationship Between Fertility and Mother's Employment? Evidence From Developing Countries.
Author(s): Cáceres-Delpiano J.
Source: Demography (FEB 2012) , 2012 Feb;49(1):151-74.
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Does Family Planning Help the Employment of Women? The Case of India
Author(s): Francavilla, Francesca; Giannelli, Gianna Claudia
Source: Journal of Asian Economics (OCT 2011) , October 2011, v. 22, iss. 5, pp. 412-26, DOI:
Country(s): India
Employment, female work participation and child labor: Occupation data from NFHS
Author(s): Dev, S.M.
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (2004) , Vol 39, Num 7, Page: 736-744
Country(s): India
Factors associated with contraceptive practices of married women in Bangladesh with respect to their employment status
Author(s): Laskar MS, Mahbub MH, Yokoyama K, Inoue M, Harada N.
Source: European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care (SEP 2006) , 2006 Sep;11(3):220-7.
Country(s): Bangladesh
Reproduction in upheaval: Ethnic-specific fertility responses to societal turbulence in Kazakhstan
Author(s): Agadjanian V | Dommaraju P | Glick JE
Source: Population Studies (JUL 2008) , 2008 Jul;62(2):211-233.
Country(s): Kazakhstan
The Relation between Child Work and the Employment of Mothers in India
Author(s): Francavilla, Francesca; Giannelli, Gianna Claudia
Source: International Journal of Manpower (2010) , 2010, v. 31, iss. 2, pp. 232-57
Country(s): India
Two approaches to measuring women’s work in developing countries: A comparison of survey data from Egypt.
Author(s): Ray Langsten and Rania Salem.
Source: Population and Development Review (2008) , 2088, 34(2): 283-305.
Country(s): Egypt
Results (1 - 7) of 7 Page(s): 1