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 Topic: Fertility preferences
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An approximation to the level of ideal family size at which sons and daughters are equally preferred
Author(s): Krishnamoorthy, S.
Source: Demography India (2004) , Vol 33, Num 1, Page: 13-19
Country(s): India
Consistency and Predictive Ability of Fertility Preference Indicators: Longitudinal Evidence from Rural India
Author(s): Tarun K. Roy, R.K. Sinha, Michael Koenig, Sanjay K. Mohanty and Sangram K. Patel
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (SEP 2008) , Volume 34, Number 3, September 2008
Country(s): India
Daughter Preference and Contraceptive-use in Matrilineal Tribal Societies in Meghalaya, India
Author(s): Pralip Kumar Narzary, Shilpi Mishra Sharma
Source: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition (JUN 2013) , Vol. 31 No. 2, pp. 278-289,
Country(s): India
Demographic, socio-economic, and cultural factors affecting fertility differentials in Nepal
Author(s): Ramesh Adhikari
Source: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (APR 2010) , 2010, Volume 10:19
Country(s): Nepal
Desired family size, family planning and fertility in Ethiopia
Author(s): Bhargava, A.
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (2006) , Vol 39, Num 3, Page: 367-381
Country(s): Ethiopia
Do current measurement approaches underestimate levels of unwanted childbearing? Evidence from rural India
Author(s): Koenig, M.A., R. Acharya, S. Singh, T.K. Roy
Source: Population Studies (2006) , Vol 60, Num 3, Page:243-256
Country(s): India
Does Gender Discrimination Contribute to India's Population Imbalance? A Household Level Analysis
Author(s): Chaudhuri, Sanjukta
Source: International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies (2011) , 2011, v. 4, iss. 4, pp. 390-406
Country(s): India
Explaining the Skewed Child Sex Ratio in Rural India: Revisiting the Landholding-Patriarchy Hypothesis
Author(s): Perianayagam Arokiasamy, Srinivas Goli.
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (OCT 2012) , vol xlviI no 42
Country(s): India
Factors Influencing the Use of Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques and the Sex Ratio at Birth in India
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (2007) , Vol. 42, No. 24, 2007: 2292-2303
Country(s): India
Fertility preferences and contraceptive use among couples in sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Bankole, Akinrinola, Audam, Suzette
Source: African Population Studies (DEC 2011) , Dec2011, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p556-586, 31p
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Fertility preferences and the need for contraception among women living with HIV: the basis for a joint action agenda.
Author(s): Johnson, Kiersten B; Akwara, Priscilla; Rutstein, Shea O; Bernstein, Stan
Source: AIDS (NOV 2009) , 23: S7-S17, November 2009.
Country(s): Multiple African Countries, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho
Fertility-Limiting Behavior and Contraceptive Choice Among Men in Nepal
Author(s): Govinda P. Dahal, Sabu S. Padmadas and P.R. Andrew Hinde
Source: International Family Planning Perspectives (MAR 2008) , 34(1):6–14, doi: 10.1363/ifpp.34.006.08.
Country(s): Nepal
Gender attitudes and fertility aspirations among young men in five high fertility East African countries
Author(s): Snow RC, Winter RA, Harlow SD.
Source: Studies in Family Planning (MAR 2013) , 44(1):1-24. doi: 10.1111/j.1728-4465.2013.00341.x.
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
India’s North-South Divide and Theories of Fertility Change.
Author(s): Dommaraju, P. and V. Agadjanian
Source: Journal of Population Research (SEP 2009) , 26(3), 249-272
Country(s): India
Missing Women and India’s Religious Demography
Author(s): Sriya Iyer, and Shareen Joshi
Source: Journal of South Asian Development (DEC 2013) , vol. 8, no. 3, 301-331.
Country(s): India
Reassessing the level of unintended pregnancy and its correlates in Vietnam
Author(s): Le, L.C., R. Magnani, J. Rice, I. Speizer, W. Bertrand
Source: Studies in Family Planning (2004) , Vol 35, Num 1, Page: 15-26
Country(s): Vietnam
Second and Third Births in Armenia and Moldova: An Economic Perspective of Recent Behaviour and Current Preferences
Author(s): Billingsley, Sunnee
Source: European Journal of Population (MAY 2011) , Volume 27, Number 2, May 2011 , pp. 125-155(31), DOI:
Country(s): Armenia, Moldova
Sex of preceding child and birth spacing among Nigerian ethnic groups
Author(s): Fayehun O.A, Omololu O.O., Isiugo-Abanihe U.C.
Source: African Journal of Reproductive Health (JUN 2011) , June 2011; 15(2): 79
Country(s): Nigeria
Sex-Selective Abortions During Past Three Decades May Explain Absence of Millions of Girls in India.
Author(s): Melhado, L.
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (SEP 2011) , Sep2011, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p162-163, 2p
Country(s): India
Son Targeting Fertility Behavior: Some Consequences and Determinants
Author(s): Deepankar Basu, Robert de Jong
Source: Demography (MAY 2010) , Volume 47, Number 2, May 2010, pp. 521-536
Country(s): Multiple Regions
The mystery of missing female children in the caucasus: an analysis of sex ratios by birth order
Author(s): Michael M, King L, Guo L, McKee M, Richardson E, Stuckler D.
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (JUN 2013) , 39(2):97-102. doi: 10.1363/3909713.
Country(s): Multiple Asian Countries
The relationship of family size and composition to fertility desires, contraceptive adoption and method choice in South Asia.
Author(s): Jayaraman, Anuja, Vinod Mishra, and Fred Arnold
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (MAR 2009) , 2009. 35(1): 29-38.
Country(s): India, Bangladesh, Nepal
The Sociocultural Context of Family Size Preference, Ideal Sex Composition, and Induced Abortion in India: Findings from India's National Family Health Surveys
Author(s): Sutapa Agrawal
Source: Health Care for Women International (2012) , 33(11):986-1019. doi: 10.1080/07399332.2012.692413.
Country(s): India
Using Strength of Fertility Motivations to Identify Family Planning Program Strategies
Author(s): Ilene S. Speizer
Source: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (DEC 2006) , 2006, 32(4):185–191
Country(s): Ghana, Burkina Faso, Multiple African Countries, Kenya
Variations in attitudinal gender preferences for children across 50 less-developed countries
Author(s): Fuse Kana
Source: Demographic Research (JAN 2010) , Volume 23 - Article 36 | Pages 1031-1048; DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2010.23.36
Country(s): Multiple Regions
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