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Birth intervals, postponement, and fertility decline in Africa: A new type of transition?
Author(s): Tom A. Moultrie, Takudzwa S. Sayi & Ian M. Timæus
Source: Population Studies (2012) , Volume 66, Issue 3, pages 241-258; DOI: 10.1080/00324728.2012.701660
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Birth-spacing, fertility and neonatal mortality in India: Dynamics, frailty, and fecundity
Author(s): Sonia Bhalotra and Arthur van Soest
Source: Journal of Econometrics (JUN 2008) , Volume 143, Issue 2,
Country(s): India
Breastfeeding as a Time-Varying–Time-Dependent Factor for Birth Spacing: Multivariate Models with Validations and Predictions
Author(s): 13(3):28-51
Source: World Health and Population (2012) , Singh R, Tripathi V, Singh K, Ahuja RK, Vani MK, Dwivedi SN.
Country(s): India
Child Mortality Transition among Children Born to Adolescent Mothers in India: A Study Based on National Family Health Survey (NFHS) Data.
Author(s): Murthy, M. S. R.
Source: Journal of Human Ecology (MAY 2011) , May2011, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p101-106, 6p
Country(s): India
Determinants of Birth Intervals in Tamil Nadu in India: Developing Cox Hazard Models with Validations and Predictions
Source: Revista Colombiana de Estadística (JUN 2012) , Junio 2012, volumen 35, no. 2, pp. 289 a 307
Country(s): India
Educational reversals and first-birth timing in sub-Saharan Africa: A dynamic multilevel approach
Author(s): Derose, L.F., O. Kravdal
Source: Demography (FEB 2007) , Vol 44, Num 1, Page: 59-77
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
On postponement and birth intervals.
Author(s): Ian M Timaeus and Tom A. Moultrie.
Source: Population and Development Review (SEP 2008) , Vol. 34, No. 3, pp.483-510
Country(s): South Africa
Role of individual and household level factors on stunting: a comparative study in three Indian states
Author(s): Som S, Pal M, Bharati P.
Source: Annals of Epidemiology (NOV 2007) , 2007 Nov-Dec;34(6):632-46
Country(s): India
Sex of preceding child and birth spacing among Nigerian ethnic groups
Author(s): Fayehun O.A, Omololu O.O., Isiugo-Abanihe U.C.
Source: African Journal of Reproductive Health (JUN 2011) , June 2011; 15(2): 79
Country(s): Nigeria
The Association of Contraceptive Use, Non-Use, and Failure with Child Health
Author(s): Jocelyn E. Finlay
Source: International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition (2013) , Volume 2 No. 1, Pages 113-134
Country(s): Multiple Regions
The distribution of closed birth intervals in females in Uttar Pradesh
Author(s): Yadava, R.C., S.S. Sharma
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (NULL) , Vol 39, Num 2, Page: 189-199
Country(s): India
Timing of First Birth in India.
Author(s): Premchand Dommaraju
Source: Genus (2009) , Vol. 65, No 1 (2009): 81-101
Country(s): India
Understanding the effects of siblings on child mortality: Evidence from India
Author(s): Makepeace G | Pal S
Source: Journal of Population Economics (OCT 2008) , 2008 Oct;21(4):877-902
Country(s): India
Unfolding Contraceptive Technology: Where Indian Population Stands Today?
Author(s): Kalyan B. Saha, D.C. Jain and Uma C. Saha
Source: Journal of Human Ecology (2006) , 20(2): 125-128
Country(s): India
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