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 Journal: Tobacco Control
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Exposure to Domestic Violence Associated With Adult Smoking In India: a Population-Based Study
Author(s): Leland K. Ackerson, Ichiro Kawachi, Elizabeth M. Barbeau, S. V. Subramanian
Source: Tobacco Control (DEC 2007) , December 11, 2007, 12: 378-383.
Topic(s): Domestic violence , Tobacco use
Country(s): India
Tobacco use in India: Prevalence and predictors of smoking and chewing in a national cross sectional household survey
Author(s): Rani, M., S. Bonu, P. Jha, S.N. Nyugen, L. Jamjoum
Source: Tobacco Control (2003) , Vol 12, Num 4, Page: e4
Topic(s): Tobacco use
Country(s): India
Results (1 - 2) of 2 Page(s): 1