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 Journal: BMC Women's Health
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Factors associated with wife beating in Egypt: Analysis of two surveys (1995 and 2005)
Author(s): Manas K Akmatov, Rafael T Mikolajczyk, Shokria Labeeb, nas Dhaher, and Md Mobarak Khan
Source: BMC Women's Health (2008) , 2008, 8:15 doi:10.1186/1472-6874-8-15
Topic(s): Domestic violence , Women's status
Country(s): Egypt
Hormonal contraception, sexual behaviour and HIV infection among women in Cameroon
Author(s): Kongnyuy EJ, Soskolne V, Adler B.
Source: BMC Women's Health (OCT 2008) , 2008 Oct 30;8:19
Topic(s): Contraception , HIV/AIDS , Sexual behavior
Country(s): Cameroon
Intimate partner violence and mental health in Bolivia
Author(s): Dominique Meekers, Sarah C Pallin, Paul Hutchinson
Source: BMC Women's Health (2013) , 13:28
Topic(s): Domestic violence
Country(s): Bolivia
Traumatic physical health consequences of intimate partner violence against women: what is the role of community-level factors?
Author(s): Diddy Antai
Source: BMC Women's Health , 2011, 11:56 doi:10.1186/1472-6874-11-56
Topic(s): Community influences , District-level estimates , Domestic violence
Country(s): Nigeria
Results (1 - 4) of 4 Page(s): 1