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 Journal: BMC Pediatrics
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Boys are more stunted than girls in sub-Saharan Africa: a meta-analysis of 16 demographic and health surveys
Author(s): Wamani H, Astrøm AN, Peterson S, Tumwine JK, Tylleskär T.
Source: BMC Pediatrics (APR 2007) , 7:17.
Topic(s): Child health , Children under five , Gender , Nutrition
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Child undernutrition in Kenya: trend analyses from 1993 to 2008–09
Author(s): Dennis J Matanda, Maurice B Mittelmark, and Dorcus Mbithe D Kigaru
Source: BMC Pediatrics (JAN 2014) , 14:5, doi:10.1186/1471-2431-14-5
Topic(s): Child health , Nutrition
Country(s): Kenya
Determinants of complementary feeding practices among Nepalese children aged 6--23 months: findings from demographic and health survey 2011.
Author(s): Khanal V, Sauer K, Zhao Y.
Source: BMC Pediatrics (AUG 2013) , 13:131. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-13-131.
Topic(s): Child health , Children under five , Nutrition
Country(s): Nepal
Passive smoking as a risk factor of anemia in young children aged 0–35 months in Jordan
Author(s): Rathavuth Hong, Jose A Betancourt and Martin Ruiz-Beltran
Source: BMC Pediatrics (APR 2007) , 2007, 7:16 doi:10.1186/1471-2431-7-16
Topic(s): Anemia , Child health , Tobacco use
Country(s): Jordan
Results (1 - 4) of 4 Page(s): 1