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A simulation-based assessment of the bias produced when using averages from small DHS clusters as contextual variables in multilevel models
Author(s): Kravdal, O.
Source: Demographic Research (2006) , Vol 15, Num 1, Page: 1-20
Topic(s): Sampling
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
A Stata module for computing fertility rates and TFRs from birth histories: tfr2
Author(s): Bruno Schoumaker
Source: Demographic Research (MAY 2013) , VOLUME 28, ARTICLE 38, PAGES 1093-1144
Topic(s): Data models
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Birth seasonality in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Audrey Dorélien
Source: Demographic Research (MAY 2016) , 34(27): 761-796; DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2016.34.27
Topic(s): Fertility
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Completing the fertility transition: Third birth developments by language groups in Turkey
Author(s): Sutay Yavuz
Source: Demographic Research (NOV 2006) , VOLUME 15, ARTICLE 15, PAGES 435-460
Topic(s): Fertility
Country(s): Turkey
Correlated mortality risks of siblings in Kenya The role of state dependence
Author(s): Walter Rasugu Omariba, Fernando Rajulton, Roderic Beaujot
Source: Demographic Research (APR 2008) , VOLUME 18 - ARTICLE 11, PAGES 311 - 336; doi:10.4054/DemRes.2008.18.11
Topic(s): Mortality , Siblings
Country(s): Kenya
Determinants of infant and child mortality in Zimbabwe: Results of multivariate hazard analysis
Author(s): Joshua Kembo Jeroen K. Van Ginneken
Source: Demographic Research (OCT 2009) , VOLUME 21, ARTICLE 13, PAGES 367-384 DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2009.21.13
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Infant mortality
Country(s): Zimbabwe
Estimating Spatial Inequalities of Urban Child Mortality
Author(s): Jankowska MM, Benza M, Weeks JR.
Source: Demographic Research (JAN 2013) , 28:33-62.
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , GIS , GPS , Spatial analysis
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Explaining the Rural-Urban Gap in Infant Mortality in India
Author(s): Nandita Saikia, Abhishek Singh, Domantas Jasilionis, and Faujdar Ram
Source: Demographic Research (SEP 2013) , Volume 29, Article 18, Pages 473-506, DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2013.29.18
Topic(s): Infant mortality , Rural-urban differentials
Country(s): India
Fertility and union dissolution in Brazil: an example of multi-process modelling using the Demographic and Health Survey calendar data.
Author(s): Leone, Tiziana; Hinde, A.
Source: Demographic Research , 17(7): 157-180.
Topic(s): Fertility , Marriage
Country(s): Brazil
Fertility Change in Egypt: From Second to Third Birth
Author(s): Daniele Vignoli
Source: Demographic Research (DEC 2006) , Volume 15, Article 18, Pages 499-516
Topic(s): Fertility
Country(s): Egypt
Further evidence of community education effects on fertility in sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Øystein Kravdal
Source: Demographic Research (NOV 2012) , Volume 27, Article 22, Pages 645-680; DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2012.27.22
Topic(s): Community influences , Fertility
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Is Fertility Stalling in Jordan?
Author(s): Valeria Cetorelli, and Tiziana Leone
Source: Demographic Research (APR 2012) , 26(13): 293-318, DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2012.26.13
Topic(s): Fertility
Country(s): Jordan
Male and female sterility in Zambia
Author(s): Athena Pantazis, and Samuel J. Clark
Source: Demographic Research (FEB 2014) , Volume 30 - Article 14, Pages 413-428, DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2014.30.14
Topic(s): Contraception
Country(s): Zambia
Measuring male fertility rates in developing countries with Demographic and Health Surveys: An assessment of three methods
Author(s): Bruno Schoumaker
Source: Demographic Research (MAR 2017) , 36:803-850; DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2017.36.28
Topic(s): Fertility , Men's health
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Modeling fertility curves in Africa
Author(s): Ezra Gayawan Samson B. Adebayo Reuben A. Ipinyomi Benjamin A. Oyejola
Source: Demographic Research (FEB 2010) , VOLUME 22, ARTICLE 10, PAGES 211-236 DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2010.22.10
Topic(s): Fertility , Modelling
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Natural resources and rural livelihoods Differences between migrants and non-migrants in Madagascar
Author(s): Raphael Nawrotzki; Thomas W. Dickinson; Lori M. Hunter
Source: Demographic Research (JUN 2012) , VOLUME 26 - ARTICLE 24, PAGES 661 - 700, doi:10.4054/DemRes.2012.26.24
Topic(s): Environment and natural resources , Migration , Residence , Rural-urban differentials
Country(s): Madagascar
Neonatal mortality in the developing world
Author(s): Hill, K., Y. Choi
Source: Demographic Research (2006) , Vol 14, Num 18, Page: 429-452
Topic(s): Childhood mortality
Country(s): Multiple Regions
On stochastic comparisons of population densities and life expectancies
Author(s): Finkelstein, M.
Source: Demographic Research (2005) , Vol 13, Num 6, Page: 143-162
Topic(s): Population density
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Recent fertility decline in Eritrea. Is it a conflict-led transition?
Author(s): Gebremariam Woldemicael
Source: Demographic Research (MAR 2008) , VOLUME 18 - ARTICLE 2
Topic(s): Fertility
Country(s): Eritrea
Socio-economic inequalities in mortality and health in the developing world
Author(s): Minujin, A., E. Delamonica
Source: Demographic Research (2004) , Vol 2, Num 13, Page: 331-354
Topic(s): Mortality
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Teen fertility and gender inequality in education: A contextual hypothesis
Author(s): Eloundou-Enyegue, P.M., C.S. Stokes
Source: Demographic Research (2004) , Vol 11, Num 11, Page: 305-334
Topic(s): Fertility , Gender
Country(s): Multiple Regions
The community-level effects of womens education on reproductive behavior in rural Ghana
Author(s): Benefo, K.D.
Source: Demographic Research (2006) , Vol 14, Num 20, Page: 485-508
Topic(s): Contraception
Country(s): Ghana
The effect of education on the timing of marriage in Kenya
Author(s): Ikamari, L.
Source: Demographic Research (2005) , Vol 12, Num 1, Page: 1-28
Topic(s): Marriage
Country(s): Kenya
The proximate determinants of fertility and birth intervals in Egypt: An application of calendar data
Author(s): Angela Baschieri; Andrew Hinde
Source: Demographic Research (JAN 2007) , VOLUME 16, ARTICLE 3, PAGES 59-96 DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2007.16.3
Topic(s): Calendar Data , Contraception , Fertility
Country(s): Egypt
Variations in attitudinal gender preferences for children across 50 less-developed countries
Author(s): Fuse Kana
Source: Demographic Research (JAN 2010) , Volume 23 - Article 36 | Pages 1031-1048; DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2010.23.36
Topic(s): Child health , Fertility preferences , Gender , Sex preference , Son preference
Country(s): Multiple Regions
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