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 Journal: Health Policy
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Determinants of caesarean section in Egypt: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Survey
Author(s): Khawaja, M., T. Kabakian-Khasholian, R. Jurdi
Source: Health Policy (2004) , Vol 69, Num 3, Page: 273-281, doi:10.1016/j.healthpol.2004.05.006
Topic(s): Cesarean section
Country(s): Egypt
Determinants of child mortality in LDCs: Empirical findings from demographic and health surveys
Author(s): Wang, L.
Source: Health Policy (2003) , Vol 65, Num 3, Page: 277-299
Topic(s): Childhood mortality
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Determinants of demand for antenatal care in Colombia
Author(s): Andrés Ignacio Vecino-Ortiz
Source: Health Policy (JAN 2008) , Volume 86, Issues 2-3, May 2008, Pages 363-372
Topic(s): Antenatal care , Child health , Maternal health
Country(s): Colombia
Global public health mandates in a diverse world: The polio eradication initiative and the expanded program on immunization in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
Author(s): Bonu S., M. Rani, O. Razum
Source: Health Policy (2004) , Vol 70, Page: 327-345
Topic(s): Immunization
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Health reform and cesarean sections in the private sector: The experience of Peru
Author(s): Alejandro Arrieta
Source: Health Policy , Volume 99, Issue 2, February 2011, Pages 124-130, doi:10.1016/j.healthpol.2010.07.016
Topic(s): Cesarean section
Country(s): Peru
Household tobacco and alcohol use, and child health: An exploratory study from India
Author(s): Bonu, S., M. Rani, P. Jha, D.H. Peters, S.N. Nyugen
Source: Health Policy (2004) , Vol 70, Num 1, Page: 67-83
Topic(s): Child health
Country(s): India
Socio-economic inequalities in child survival in India: A decomposition analysis
Author(s): Jalandhar Pradhan, Perianayagam Arokiasamy
Source: Health Policy (2010) , 98 (2010) 114–120, doi:10.1016/j.healthpol.2010.05.010
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Inequality
Country(s): India
The population-level impacts of a national health insurance program and franchise midwife clinics on achievement of prenatal and delivery care standards in the Philippines
Author(s): Katy Backes Kozhimannil, Madeleine R. Valera, Alyce S. Adams, Dennis Ross-Degnan
Source: Health Policy (SEP 2009) , Volume 92, Issue 1, September 2009, Pages 55-64
Topic(s): Delivery care
Country(s): Philippines
Results (1 - 8) of 8 Page(s): 1