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Adolescent Marriage in Nepal: A Sub-Regional Level Analysis
Author(s): Arjun Mani Guragain, Binita Kumari Paudel, Apiradee Lim, and Chamnein Choonpradub
Source: Marriage & Family Review (FEB 2016) , First posted online Feb 29, 2016; DOI: 10.1080/01494929.2016.1157560
Country(s): Nepal
Age at First Marriage and First Birth Interval in Ethiopia: Analysis of the Roles of Social and Demographic Factors
Author(s): Eshetu Gurmu, and Dula Etana
Source: African Population Studies (SEP 2014) , Vol 28, No 3; DOI:
Country(s): Ethiopia
Age at first marriage in Malawi: A Bayesian multilevel analysis using a discrete time-to-event model
Author(s): Manda, S., R. Meyer
Source: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (2005) , Vol 168, Num 2, Page: 439
Country(s): Malawi
Age at marriage and modernisation in sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Michelle Garenne
Source: Southern African Journal of Demography (DEC 2004) , 9(2): 59-79
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Age at marriage, contraceptive use and abortion in Yemen, 1991-1997
Author(s): Sunil, T.S., V.K. Pillai
Source: Canadian Studies in Population (2004) , Vol 31, Num 1, Page: 83-107
Country(s): Yemen
Analysis on Predicting Spousal Physical Violence in the Philippines Using Binary Logistic Regression
Author(s): Joseph Mercado, Lincoln Bautista, Jackie D. Urrutia, Maica Jhonalyn B. Morelos, and Jenny G. Amora
Source: European Academic Research (JUN 2015) , III(3)
Country(s): Philippines
Are Female Orphans at Risk for Early Marriage, Early Sexual Debut, and Teen Pregnancy? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Palermo, Tia; Peterman, Amber
Source: Studies in Family Planning (JUN 2009) , Volume 40, Number 2, June 2009 , pp. 101-112(12); DOI:
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Association between early marriage and intimate partner violence in India: A focus on youth from Bihar and Rajasthan.
Author(s): Speizer, Ilene S.; Pearson, Erin,
Source: Journal of Interpersonal Violence (JUL 2011) , Vol 26(10), Jul, 2011. pp. 1963-1981. DOI: 10.1177/0886260510372947
Country(s): India
Battered and shattered: will they get justice? A study of domestic violence against women in India based on National Family Health Survey, 2005
Author(s): Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, and Sonali Bhattacharya
Source: Journal of Adult Protection (2014) , 16(4): 244-258; DOI:
Country(s): India
Characteristics of women in consanguineous marriages in Egypt, 1988 -- 2000
Author(s): Weinreb AA
Source: European Journal of Population (JUN 2008) , 2008 Jun;24(2):185-210
Country(s): Egypt
Cohort differences in women’s educational attainment and the transition to first marriage in Ghana
Author(s): Stephen Obeng Gyimah
Source: Population Research and Policy Review (AUG 2009) , 28(4): 455-471
Country(s): Ghana
Conundrum of Sexual Decision Making in Marital Relationships: Safer-Sex Knowledge, Behavior, and Attitudes of Married Women in Zambia
Author(s): Jonathan Anim Amoyaw, Vincent Zubedaar Kuuire, Godfred Odei Boateng, Yvonne Asare-Bediako, and Mengieng Ung
Source: Journal of Sex Research (JUL ) , 52(8):868-77. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2014.996280
Country(s): Zambia
Cross-sectional time series analysis of associations between education and girl child marriage in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan, 1991-2011
Author(s): Raj A, McDougal L, Silverman JG, and Rusch ML
Source: PLoS ONE (SEP 2014) , 9(9):e106210. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0106210.
Country(s): Multiple Asian Countries, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan
Curbing marital violence through social policies: perspectives from the Bangladesh demographic and health survey
Author(s): Sanjukta Chaudhuri, and Shahnaz Abdullah
Source: International Journal of Public Policy (JAN 2014) , 10(1-3); DOI:
Country(s): Bangladesh
Do marriages forget their past? Marital stability in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia
Author(s): Heuveline, P., B. Poch
Source: Demography (2006) , Vol 43, Num 1, Page: 99-125
Country(s): Cambodia
Domestic violence in consanguineous marriages - Findings from Pakistan demographic and health survey 2012-13
Author(s): Shaikh, M.A.
Source: Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (OCT 2016) , 66(10): 1319-1323
Country(s): Pakistan
Early marriage and HIV risks in sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Clark, S.
Source: Studies in Family Planning (SEP 2004) , Vol 35, Num 3, Page: 149-160
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Early marriage in Bangladesh: Not as early as it appears
Author(s): Peter Kim Streatfield, Nahid Kamal, Karar Zunaid Ahsan, and Quamrun Nahar
Source: Asian Population Studies (FEB 2015) , 11(1):94-110, DOI: 10.1080/17441730.2015.1012785
Country(s): Bangladesh
Early marriage, poor reproductive health status of mother and child well-being in India.
Author(s): Prakash, Ravi ; Singh, Abhishek ; Pathak
Source: Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care (JUL 2011) , 2011 Jul; 37(3): 136-45 (40 ref)
Country(s): India
Enduring Economic Hardship, Women's Education, Marriage and Fertility Transition in Kinshasa
Author(s): Shapiro D.
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (MAR 2014) , 20:1-17. [Epub ahead of print]
Country(s): Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Ethnicity and marriage patterns in Mozambique
Author(s): Arnaldo, C.
Source: African Population Studies (2004) , Vol 19, Num 1, Page: 143-164
Country(s): Mozambique
Ethnicity, education, and the non-proportional hazard of first marriage in Turkey
Author(s): Gore DL, Carlson E
Source: Population Studies (JUL 2010) , 64(2):179-91. doi: 10.1080/00324721003640042.
Country(s): Turkey
Family planning communication between husbands and wives in Bangladesh: a multilevel analysis
Author(s): Mohammad Amirul Islam, Sabu S. Padmadas, Peter W.F. Smith
Source: Genus (2010) , Vol 66, No 1 (2010)
Country(s): Bangladesh
Fathers' whereabouts and children's welfare in Malawi
Author(s): Jørgen Carling, and Marianne Tønnessen
Source: Development Southern Africa (NOV 2013) , 30(6): 724-742; DOI: 10.1080/0376835X.2013.859068
Country(s): Malawi
Female Age at Marriage of Rural-Urban Differentials in Bangladesh.
Author(s): Md. Mahfuzar Rahman; Md. Nurul Islam; Md. Golam Hossain
Source: The Internet Journal of Biological Anthropology (NOV 2009) , 2009 : Volume 3 Number 2
Country(s): Bangladesh
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