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Prevalence and risk factors for self-reported asthma in an adult Indian population: a cross-sectional survey
Author(s): Agrawal S, Pearce N, Ebrahim S.
Source: International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Desease (FEB 2013) , 17(2):275-82. doi: 10.5588/ijtld.12.0438.
Topic(s): Adult health , Asthma
Prevalence and risk factors for self-reported diabetes among adult men and women in India: findings from a national cross-sectional survey.
Author(s): Agrawal S, Ebrahim S.
Source: Public Health Nutrition (NOV 2011) , Volume 17, Number 2, pp. 275-282(8)
Topic(s): Diabetes , Health
Prevalence of Anemia and Its Determinants Among Nonpregnant and Pregnant Women in India
Author(s): Premananda Bharati, Suparna Som, Suman Chakrabarty, Susmita Bharati, Manoranjan Pal
Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health (NOV 2008) , Vol. 20, No. 4, 347-359 (2008)
Topic(s): Anemia , Economics
Prevalence of chewable smokeless tobacco in Indian women: Secondary data analysis from national family health survey 2005-06
Author(s): Thavarajah Rooban, Elizabeth Joshua, Umadevi K Rao, Kannan Ranganathan
Source: Journal of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (MAR 2013) , 2:29-35, DOI: 10.4103/2277-8632.108510
Topic(s): Tobacco use , Women's health
Prevalence of child marriage and its effect on fertility and fertility-control outcomes of young women in India: a cross-sectional, observational study
Author(s): Anita Raj, Niranjan Saggurti, Donta Balaiah, Jay G Silverman
Source: Lancet (MAR 2009) , Early Online Publication, 10 March 2009
Topic(s): Child marriage , Fertility
Prevalence of domestic violence and its effects on reproductive health of women in India
Author(s): Mal Sibsankar, Bhattacharya Prabhat
Source: International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences (NOV 2013) , Vol. 3, No. 2, 197-204, Online published on 21 November
Topic(s): Body Mass Index (BMI) , Domestic violence , Reproductive health
Prevalence of obesity in Indian women.
Author(s): Garg C, Khan SA, Ansari SH, Garg M.
Source: Obesity Reviews (FEB 2010) , Feb2010, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p105-108, 4p; DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-789X.2009.00666.x
Topic(s): Obesity , Women's health
Prevalence of self-reported tuberculosis, knowledge about tuberculosis transmission and its determinants among adults in India: results from a nation-wide cross-sectional household survey
Author(s): Sreeramareddy CT, Harsha Kumar HN, Arokiasamy JT.
Source: BMC Infectious Diseases (JAN 2013) , 2013 Jan 17;13:16. doi: 10.1186/1471-2334-13-16.
Topic(s): Tuberculosis
Prevalence of Tobacco Use among Young Adult Males in India: A Community-Based Epidemiological Study.
Author(s): Saddichha, Sahoo; Khess, Christoday Raja Jayant
Source: American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse (2010) , 2010, Vol. 36 Issue 1, p73, 5p, DOI: 10.3109/00952990903575814
Topic(s): Tobacco use , Youth
Prevalence, trends, and determinants of menopause in India: NFHS 1992–93 to NFHS 2005–06
Author(s): Arupendra Mozumdar, and Praween K. Agrawal
Source: American Journal of Human Biology (MAY 2015) , 27(3): 421–425; doi: 10.1002/ajhb.22648
Topic(s): Menopause , Women's health
Author(s): Brinker, Gary; Amonker, Ravindra
Source: Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology (2009) , Spring/Winter2009, Vol. 37 Issue 1/2, p120-139, 20p
Topic(s): Family planning
Proximate determinants of fertility in India
Author(s): Tripathy, P.K., P.K. Sarangi
Source: Journal of Family Welfare (2004) , Vol 50, Num 2, Page: 22-29
Topic(s): Fertility
Proximate sources of population sex imbalance in India
Author(s): Emily Oster
Source: Demography (MAY 2009) , Volume 46 - Number 2, May 2009: 325-339
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Son preference
Public health spending on infant and child mortality in India during the years 1980—2006
Author(s): Kaushalendra Kumar, Faujdar Ram, Abhishek Singh
Source: Lancet (JUN 2013) , Volume 381, Page S76, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(13)61330-6
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Infant mortality
Quantitative Data Analysis in Social Science Research
Author(s): Singh, D. P.
Source: Indian Journal of Social Work (2006) , Jan-Apr2006, Vol. 67 Issue 1/2, p61-81, 22p, 4 Diagrams, 6 Charts
Topic(s): Modelling
Re-Estimating Malnourishment and Inequality among Children in North-east India
Author(s): Moatula Ao and Hemkhothang Lhungdim
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (FEB 2014) , Vol - XLIX No. 6
Topic(s): Child health , Children under five , Inequality , Nutrition
Recent Changes in Micro-Level Determinants of Fertility in India: Evidence from National Family Health Survey Data
Author(s): Katsushi S. Imai, and Takahiro Sato
Source: Oxford Development Studies (JAN 2014) , 42(1): 65-85; DOI:10.1080/13600818.2013.855717
Topic(s): Fertility
Author(s): Amonker, Ravindra G.; Brinker, Gary
Source: International Journal of Sociology of the Family (2007) , Autumn2007, Vol. 33 Issue 2, p326-348, 23p
Topic(s): Fertility
Reflections on Wealth Quintile Distribution and Health Outcomes
Author(s): T R Dilip and Udaya S Mishra
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (NOV 2008) , Vol - XLIII No. 48, November 29, 2008
Topic(s): Health , Health equity , Wealth Index
Regional patterns of sex bias and excess female child mortality in India
Author(s): Perianayagam Arokiasamy
Source: Population-E (NOV 2004) , Vol 59, Num 6, Page: 833-864; DOI: 10.2307/3654897
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Gender , Son preference
Regression Analysis of Collinear Data using r-k Class Estimator: Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors Affecting the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in India
Author(s): Piyush Kant Rai, Sarla Pareek and Hemlata Joshi
Source: Journal of Data Science (JAN 2013) , 11(2013), 321-340
Topic(s): Data models , Fertility
Relation between blood lead levels and childhood anemia in India
Author(s): Jain, N.B., F. Laden, U. Guller, A. Shankar, S. Kazani, E. Garshick
Source: American Journal of Epidemiology (2005) , Vol 161, Num 10, Page: 968-973
Topic(s): Anemia , Lead level
Religious Differentials in Fertility in India: Is There a Convergence?
Author(s): Manoj Alagarajan , P M Kulkarni
Source: Economic and Political Weekly (DEC 2008) , VOL 43 No. 48 November 29 - December 05, 2008
Topic(s): Contraception , Fertility , Religion
Reproductive and child health care status of different social groups of India: An investigation into National Family Health Survey-II
Author(s): Kanungo, J., D.L. Mohanta
Source: Man in India (2004) , Vol 84, Num 1-2, Page: 15-31
Topic(s): Child health , Reproductive health
Reproductive morbidity among currently married women in South India - Evidence from NFHS II.
Author(s): R.S. Reshmi and Sayeed Unisa.
Source: Journal of Family Welfare , vol. 52, no. 2, pp. 40-58
Topic(s): Morbidity , Reproductive health
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