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Marriage Behavior Response to Prime-Age Adult Mortality: Evidence from Malawi
Author(s): Mika Ueyama and Futoshi Yamauchi
Source: Demography (FEB 2009) , Volume 46, Number 1, February 2009, pp. 43-63
Country(s): Malawi
Marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, Determinants, and Consequences
Author(s): David Shapiro, and Tesfayi Gebreselassie
Source: Population Research and Policy Review (JUN 2013) , Published online: 19 June 2013, DOI 10.1007/s11113-013-9287-4
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Marriage squeeze in India
Author(s): Verma, S.
Source: Demography India (2003) , Vol 32, Num 2, Page: 181-200
Country(s): India
Migration consequences on marital behaviour in Kenya
Author(s): Charles Ochola Omondi
Source: Journal of Geography and Regional Planning (JAN 2012) , Vol. 5(2), pp. 61-67, 18 January, 2012, DOI: 10.5897/JGRP11.058
Country(s): Kenya
Nuptiality in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia.
Author(s): Dommaraju, P and V. Agadjanian
Source: Asian Population Studies (2008) , 4(2):195-213
Country(s): Uzbekistan, Multiple Asian Countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
Polygynous marital structure and child survivorship in sub-Saharan Africa: some empirical evidence from Ghana
Author(s): Gyimah SO.
Source: Social Science and Medicine (JAN 2009) , 68(2):334-42. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2008.09.067. Epub 2008 Dec 6
Country(s): Ghana
Potential (Mis)match? Marriage Markets Amidst Sociodemographic Change in India, 2005–2050
Author(s): Kashyap R., Esteve A., and García-Román J.
Source: Demography (FEB 2015) , 52(1):183-208. doi: 10.1007/s13524-014-0366-x.
Country(s): India
Premarital fertility and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Garenne M, Zwang J.
Source: African Journal of Reproductive Health , 12(2):64-74.
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Prevalence and sociodemographic correlates of consanguineous marriages in Turkey
Author(s): Koc, I.
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (JAN 2008) , 40(1):137-48.
Country(s): Turkey
Religious Differences in Modernization of the Family: Family Demographics Trends in Ghana.
Author(s): Heaton, Tim B.; Darkwah, Akosua
Source: Journal of Family Issues (NOV 2011) , Dec2011, Vol. 32 Issue 12, p1576-1596, 21p; DOI: 10.1177/0192513X11398951
Country(s): Ghana
Sex composition of children and marital disruption in India
Author(s): Bose, S., S.J. South
Source: Journal of Marriage and Family (2003) , Vol 65, Num 4, Page: 996-1006
Country(s): India
Spousal Communication about HIV Prevention in Kenya
Author(s): Chi Chiao, Vinod Mishra, and Kate Ksobiech
Source: Journal of Health Communication (NOV 2011) , 16(10):1088-105. doi: 10.1080/10810730.2011.571335
Country(s): Kenya
Stalled Fertility Decline in Egypt, Why?
Author(s): Eltigani E. Eltigani
Source: Population and Environment (SEP 2003) , Volume 25, Number 1 / September, 2003
Country(s): Egypt
The effect of education on the timing of marriage in Kenya
Author(s): Ikamari, L.
Source: Demographic Research (2005) , Vol 12, Num 1, Page: 1-28
Country(s): Kenya
The Effects of Female Genital Mutilation on the Onset of Sexual Activity and Marriage in Guinea
Author(s): Ronan Van Rossem and Anastasia J. Gage
Source: Archives of Sexual Behavior (OCT 2007) , October 18, 2007
Country(s): Guinea
The Influence of Female Age at Marriage on Fertility and Child Loss in India
Source: Trayectorias (JUL 2010) , jul-dic2010, Vol. 12 Issue 31, p61-80, 20p
Country(s): India
Timing of First Birth in India.
Author(s): Premchand Dommaraju
Source: Genus (2009) , Vol. 65, No 1 (2009): 81-101
Country(s): India
Transition into first intercourse, marriage, amd childbearing among Ethiopian women
Author(s): David Philip Lindstrom, Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, Dennis P. Hogan
Source: Genus (2009) , Vol 65, No 2 (2009), pp. 45-77
Country(s): Ethiopia
Trends in marriage and time spent single in sub-Saharan Africa: a comparative analysis of six population-based cohort studies and nine Demographic and Health Surveys
Author(s): Marston, M; Slaymaker, E; Cremin, I; Floyd, S; McGrath, N; Kasamba, I; Lutalo, T; Nyirenda, M; Ndyanabo, A; Mupambireyi, Z; Zaba, B
Source: Sexually Transmitted Infections (APR 2009) , 85 Suppl 1:i64-i71, April 2009
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Trends in Protective Behaviour among Single vs. Married Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Big Picture
Author(s): John Cleland, Mohamed M Ali, Iqbal Shah
Source: Reproductive Health Matters (NOV 2006) , Volume 14, Issue 28, November 2006, Pages 17-22, doi:10.1016/S0968-8080(06)28250-8
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Why Would She? Polygyny and Women's Welfare in Ghana
Author(s): Amy Ickowitz and Lisa Mohanty
Source: Feminist Economics (FEB 2015) , 21(2): 77-104, DOI:10.1080/13545701.2014.992931
Country(s): Ghana
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