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The Link between Infant Mortality and Child Nutrition in India: Is There Any Evidence of a Gender Bias?
Author(s): Maitra, Pushkar; Rammohan, Anu
Source: Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (FEB 2011) , February 2011, v. 16, iss. 1, pp. 81-110
Country(s): India
The mortality divide in India: The differential contributions of gender, caste, and standard of living across the life course
Author(s): Subramanian, S.V., S. Nandy, M. Irving, D. Gordon, H. Lambert, G.D.Smith
Source: American Journal of Public Health (2006) , Vol 96, Num 5, Page: 818-825
Country(s): India
The reproductive effects of family planning programs in rural Ghana: Analysis by gender
Author(s): Benefo, K.D.
Source: Journal of Asian and African Studies (2005) , Vol 40, Num 6, Page: 463-477
Country(s): Ghana
The role of gender inequities in women's access to reproductive health care: a population-level study of Namibia, Kenya, Nepal, and India
Author(s): Namasivayam A, Osuorah DC, Syed R, Antai D
Source: International Journal of Women’s Health (JUL 2012) , 2012 Volume 2012:4 Pages 351 - 364; DOI:
Country(s): Kenya, Namibia, India, Nepal
The Role of Individual, Community and Societal Gender Inequality in Forming Women's Attitudes toward Intimate-Partner Violence against Women: A Multilevel Analysis.
Author(s): Olalekan A. Uthman, Stephen Lawoko and Tahereh Moradi
Source: World Health and Population (2010) , 12(2) 2010: 1-13
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Timing of growth stunting differs between indigenous Guatemalan boys and girls and maternal education attenuates stunting in girls
Author(s): Tumilowicz, Torres, Alison Therese; Pelletier, David; Habicht, Jean Pierre; Pelto, Gretel
Source: FASEB Journal (2006) , 2006; 20(5, Part 2): A1052
Country(s): Guatemala
Understanding the gender disparity in HIV infection across countries in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys
Author(s): Magadi, Monica Akinyi
Source: Sociology of Health & Illness (MAY 2011) , Volume 33, Number 4, May 2011 , pp. 522-539(18), DOI:
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Unequal access, unequal participation: Some spatial and socio-economic dimensions of the gender gap in education in Africa with special reference to Ghana, Zimbabwe and Kenya
Author(s): Shabaya, J., K. Konadu-Agyemang
Source: Compare (2004) , Vol 34, Num 4, Page: 395-424
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Variations in attitudinal gender preferences for children across 50 less-developed countries
Author(s): Fuse Kana
Source: Demographic Research (JAN 2010) , Volume 23 - Article 36 | Pages 1031-1048; DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2010.23.36
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Wealth Index association with gender issues and the reproductive health of Egyptian women
Author(s): Afifi M.
Source: Food and Nutrition Bulletin (MAR 2009) , 11(1):29-36. doi: 10.1111/j.1442-2018.2009.00419.x.
Country(s): Egypt
What’s in a country average? Wealth, gender,and regional inequalities in immunization in India
Author(s): Rohini P. Pandea, Abdo S. Yazbeck
Source: Social Science and Medicine (2003) , 57 (2003) 2075–2088
Country(s): India
Why Do Mothers Breastfeed Girls Less than Boys? Evidence and implications for Child Health in India*
Author(s): Seema Jayachandran and Ilyana Kuziemko
Source: Quarterly Journal of Economics (2011) , 2011.1–54, doi:10.1093/qje/qjr029.
Country(s): India
Why is infant mortality higher in boys than in girls? A new hypothesis based on preconception environment and evidence from a large sample of twins.
Author(s): Pongou R.
Source: Demography (NOV 2012) , 50(2):421-44. doi: 10.1007/s13524-012-0161-5.
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Women's “Justification” of Domestic Violence in Egypt
Author(s): Yount, KathrynM.; Li, Li
Source: Journal of Marriage and Family (DEC 2009) , Volume 71, Number 5, December 2009 , pp. 1125-1140(16); DOI:
Country(s): Egypt
Women's autonomy and sex differential in child mortality in India
Author(s): Abhishek Singh, Avishek Hazra, and Faujdar Ram
Source: Genus (2007) , Vol. 63, No. 3/4 (July - December 2007), pp. 55-75
Country(s): India
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