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Refusal bias in HIV prevalence estimates from nationally representative seroprevalence surveys [EPIDEMIOLOGY AND SOCIAL]
Author(s): Reniers, Georges; Eaton, Jeffrey
Source: AIDS (MAR 2009) , Volume 23(5)13 March 2009 p 621-629
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS , Sampling
Country(s): Malawi
Regional fertility trends in Mozambique
Author(s): Arnaldo, C.
Source: Journal of Population Research (2004) , Vol 21, Num 2, Page: 177-197
Topic(s): Fertility
Country(s): Mozambique
Regional Inequalities and Civil Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author(s): Østby, Gudrun; Nordås, Ragnhild; Rød, JanKetil
Source: International Studies Quarterly (JUN 2009) , Volume 53, Number 2, June 2009 , pp. 301-324(24); DOI:
Topic(s): GIS , GPS , Inequality , Spatial analysis
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Regional inequalities in under-5 mortality in Nigeria: a population-based analysis of individual- and community-level determinants
Author(s): Diddy Antai
Source: Population Health Metrics (2011) , 2011, 9:6
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Community influences , Inequality , Infant mortality
Country(s): Nigeria
Regional variations in the use of contraception in Kenya
Author(s): Murungaru Kimani, and Boniface O. K'Oyugi
Source: Genus (2004) , Vol. 60, No. 2 (April - June 2004), pp. 33-53
Topic(s): Contraception
Country(s): Kenya
Reliability of demographic and socioeconomic variables in predicting early initiation of breastfeeding: a replication analysis using the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey data
Author(s): Dennis J Matanda, Maurice B Mittelmark, Helga B Urke, Dickson A Amugsi
Source: BMJ Open (JUN 2014) , 4:e005194 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-005194
Topic(s): Breastfeeding
Country(s): Kenya
Religious Differences in Female Genital Cutting: A Case Study from Burkina Faso
Author(s): Sarah R. Hayford, Jenny Trinitapoli
Source: Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (JUN 2011) , Volume 50, Issue 2, pages 252–271, June 2011; DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-5906.2011.01566.x
Topic(s): Female genital cutting (FGC) , Religion
Country(s): Burkina Faso
Religious Differences in Modernization of the Family: Family Demographics Trends in Ghana.
Author(s): Heaton, Tim B.; Darkwah, Akosua
Source: Journal of Family Issues (NOV 2011) , Dec2011, Vol. 32 Issue 12, p1576-1596, 21p; DOI: 10.1177/0192513X11398951
Topic(s): Marriage , Religion , Reproductive health , Sexual behavior
Country(s): Ghana
Reproductive health decision making among Ghanaian women
Author(s): Eugene Kofuor Darteh, David Teye Doku and Kobina Esia-Donkoh
Source: Reproductive Health , 11:23 doi:10.1186/1742-4755-11-23
Topic(s): Reproductive health , Women's health
Country(s): Ghana
Reproductive inequality in sub-Saharan Africa: Differentials versus concentration
Author(s): Giroux SC | Eloundou-Enyegue PM | Lichter DT
Source: Studies in Family Planning (SEP 2008) , 39(3):187-198.
Topic(s): Inequality , Reproductive health
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Rising popularity of injectable contraceptives in sub-Saharan Africa.
Author(s): Adetunji, Jacob A.
Source: African Population Studies (DEC 2011) , Dec2011, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p587-604, 18p
Topic(s): Contraception
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Rising trends in cesarean section rates in Egypt
Author(s): Khawaja, M., R. Jurdi, T. Kabakian-Khasholian
Source: Birth (2004) , Vol 31, Num 1, Page: 12-16
Topic(s): Cesarean section
Country(s): Egypt
Rising under-5 mortality in Africa: who bears the brunt?
Author(s): Houweling, Tanja A. J.; Kunst, Anton E.; Moser, Kath; Mackenbach, Johan P.
Source: Tropical Medicine and International Health (AUG 2006) , Volume 11, Number 8, August 2006 , pp. 1218-1227(10), DOI:
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Children under five , Health care utilization , Inequality , Nutrition
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Risk factors and a predictive model for under-five mortality in Nigeria: evidence from Nigeria demographic and health survey
Author(s): Gbenga A Kayode, Victor T Adekanmbi and Olalekan A Uthman
Source: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (FEB 2012) , 2012, 12:10 doi:10.1186/1471-2393-12-10
Topic(s): Childhood mortality , Children under five
Country(s): Nigeria
Risk factors for childhood mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparison of data from a Demographic and Health Survey and from a Demographic Surveillance System
Author(s): Hammer, G.P., B. Kouyate, H. Ramroth, H. Becher
Source: Acta Tropica (2006) , Vol 98, Num 3, Page: 212-218
Topic(s): Abortion , Childhood mortality
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Risk factors for moderate to severe anemia among children in Benin and Mali: Insights from a multilevel analysis
Author(s): Ngnie-Teta, Ismael; Receveur, Olivier; Kuate-Defo, Barthelemy
Source: Food and Nutrition Bulletin (MAR 2007) , Volume 28, Number 1, March 2007 , pp. 76-89(14)
Topic(s): Anemia , Child health
Country(s): Mali, Benin
Risk factors for recent HIV infection in Uganda
Author(s): Mermin J | Musinguzi J | Opio A | Kirungi W | Ekwaru JP
Source: Journal of the American Medical Association (AUG 2008) , 2008 Aug 6;300(5):540-549
Topic(s): Circumcision , Demographic indicators , HIV/AIDS , Sexual behavior
Country(s): Uganda
Risk factors, healthcare-seeking and sexual behaviour among patients with genital ulcers in Zambia
Author(s): Mpundu Makasa, Knut Fylkesnes and Ingvild F Sandoy
Source: BMC Public Health (JUN 2012) , 12:407 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-407
Topic(s): Sexual behavior , STIs
Country(s): Zambia
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (2011) , 43, pp 155-165 doi:10.1017/S0021932010000647
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS , Sexual behavior
Country(s): Zambia
School enrollment among urban non-slum, slum and rural children in Kenya: Is the urban advantage eroding?
Author(s): Frederick Mugisha
Source: International Journal of Educational Development (SEP 2006) , Volume 26, Issue 5, September 2006, Pages 471-482, doi:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2005.09.012
Topic(s): Education , Rural-urban differentials
Country(s): Kenya
Sero-discordant couples in Africa: Implications for prevention strategies
Author(s): Damien de Walque
Source: Population and Development Review (2007) , vol 33, no 3, pp. 501-523
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Sex differences in health indicators among children in African DHS surveys
Author(s): Garenne, M.
Source: Journal of Biosocial Science (2003) , Vol 35, Num 4, Page: 601-614
Topic(s): Child health
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Sex differentials in the use of centres for voluntary counselling and testing for HIV in Cameroon
Author(s): Emmanuel Ngwakongnwi, Hude Quan
Source: African Journal of AIDS Research (2009) , 2009, 8(1): 43–49
Topic(s): HIV testing , HIV/AIDS
Country(s): Cameroon
Sex disparities in attitudes towards intimate partner violence against women in sub-Saharan Africa: a socio-ecological analysis
Author(s): Olalekan UthmanStephen LawokoTahereh Moradi
Source: BMC Public Health (2010) , 2010, 10:223
Topic(s): Domestic violence , Gender
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Sex of preceding child and birth spacing among Nigerian ethnic groups
Author(s): Fayehun O.A, Omololu O.O., Isiugo-Abanihe U.C.
Source: African Journal of Reproductive Health (JUN 2011) , 15(2):79-89.
Topic(s): Birth interval , Fertility preferences , Race and ethnicity , Son preference
Country(s): Nigeria
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