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Health Care and Health Among Tribal Women in Jharkhand: A Situational Analysis
Authors: Sutapa Maiti, Sayeed Unisa and Praween K.
Source: Studies of Tribes and Tribals, 3(1): 37-46
Topic(s): Women's health
Country: Asia
Published: 2005
Abstract: ABSTRACT The paper investigates the health care and health condition among the tribal women in comparison to the non-tribal women in the newly formed state of Jharkhand by drawing upon data from the National Family Health Survey - 2, conducted during 1998-99. The non-tribal women were better off than the tribal women in terms of standard of living, education and other socio-demographic indicators. The paper lists out antenatal, delivery and postnatal characteristics of tribal and non-tribal women, delivery and postpartum care, contraceptive use and problems and nutritional status and identifies many lacunae.