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Caste Variations in Reproductive Health Status of Women: A Study of Three Eastern States.
Authors: Raj, Papia and Raj, Aditya
Source: Sociological Bulletin, Sep-Dec2004, Vol. 53 Issue 3, p326-346, 21p
Topic(s): Reproductive health
Women's health
Country: Asia
Published: 2004
Abstract: Abstract: Based on the National Family Health Survey (NFHS)- 1 (1992-93) data, this paper analyses the reproductive health status of women across various caste groups in three eastern states of India-Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal. A Reproductive Health Index (RHI) is computed from a series of reproductive health indicators (contraceptive use, birth order, birth interval, antenatal rare and skilled assistance at delivery) for the caste groups (based on H. H. Risley`s classification). Multivariate regression analysis is carried out to understand the impact of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics on reproductive health. It is observed that RHI is highest in West Bengal, followed by Orissa and Bihar. Caste variations in the RHI are discernible in all three states, with the zipper-caste women showing higher reproductive health status as compared wit/i the lower-caste women. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]