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Role of anganwadi centers in improving the status of full immunization in Madhya Pradesh
Authors: M. Thukral and Chander Shekhar
Source: Indian Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine, Vol. 39 (1-2): 91-05
Topic(s): Child health
Country: Asia
Published: 2008
Abstract: Abstract: To fulfill the needs of children and lactating mothers the government of India launched integrated child development Scheme (ICDS) programme in 1975. Madhya Pradesh is one of the major EAG state but the infant and child mortality of the state remained high since long. Immunization has a great influence to reduce infant and child mortality. The present work studies the level and differential of immunization by different background characteristics according to the availability of anganwadi centre. The analysis shows that place of delivery, place of residence, living standard and age of mothers and playing significant role for full immunization. The anganwadi centers, which exist from 10 and more years, are likely increase the full immunization. Key Words: Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Anganwadi Centre, Full Immunization