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Urban Versus Rural Poverty in India:Evidence from National Family Health Surveys
Authors: Aparajita Chattopadhydy and M Guruswamy
Source: Economic Affairs , Vol. 56 No. 2 June 2011 (Page 225-232)
Topic(s): Poverty
Rural-urban differentials
Country: Asia
Published: JUN 2011
Abstract: Abstract The paper, using National Family Health Survey II (1998-99) and III (2005-06) data, analyses the level and change of proportion poor in India and major states, Also it looks into the social development of poor women aged 15-49. The paper, as well, analyses the health condition of the poor children. The level of poverty has gone down in India though the mean standard of living is decreasing in large cities. Also, the disparity of living standard has enhanced in small cities, towns and villages of India. Many of the rich states like Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat need emphasis on social development of the poor women where poor women’s literacy is exceptionally low. Post neonatal mortality, a product of external environment, is the highest in large cities. More than 60 percent girls from poor families in urban part and above 70 per cent in rural areas are getting married below age 18. Anaemia and acute malnourishment are showing an increasing trend in all places of residence. Huge investment is needed in health and social development to enhance our economic progress in the near future. Keywords: Cities, Towns, Villages, Poverty, Social development, Women, Health, India