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Consistency in Reporting Contraception among Couples in Bangladesh
Authors: Mohammad Amirul Islam
Source: Asia-Pacific Population Journal, Vol. 26, No. 1, March 2011, pp. 11-38
Topic(s): Contraception
Country: Asia
Published: MAR 2011
Abstract: This paper evaluates the level and determinants of consistency in reporting contraception among couples using the couple dataset (N=2249) of the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (DHS). This paper reveals that 76.5 per cent of couples in Bangladesh consistently reported contraception. Significant community effect was found in the data, which means that couples from different communities having similar characteristics will show different levels of consistency in reporting contraception. This paper recommends that DHS enhance the quality of questionnaires in order to improve the level of consistency in reporting contraception use. Programmes should emphasize effective communication within couples. Likewise, communicating family planning messages in the mass media should be further strengthened.