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CD - Tanzania 1999 Reproductive and Child Health Survey (English)

Document Type
Dissemination CD
Tanzania DHS, 1999
National Bureau of Statistics Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Macro International Inc. Calverton, Maryland, USA
Publication Date
November 2000
Publication ID

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This CD contains information about the planning and scheduling of fieldwork, participating personnel, and samples; files related to data processing, recoded data files (in a variety of formats); questionnaires, manuals, reports, and national seminar presentations that were part of the original survey. To access the dataset files included on this CD, a password is required. A password is NOT REQUIRED to access any of the other types of files on the CD.

To obtain the password to access the datasets, you must register for a survey data account at After registration, please request the password by submitting your user name to the data archivist ( Registered users can request online access to this and other available survey datasets for legitimate research purposes.