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DHS Questionnaires and Manuals
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Small PDF IconDHS-I Recode Manual (PDF, 223K)
Small PDF IconDHS-I Recode Map (PDF, 83K)
Small PDF IconDHS-II Recode Manual (PDF, 428K)
Small PDF IconDHS-II Recode Map (PDF, 140K)
Small PDF IconDHS-III Recode Manual (PDF, 514K)
Small PDF IconDHS-III Recode Map (PDF, 176K)
Small PDF IconDHS-IV Recode Manual (PDF, 514K)
Small PDF IconDHS-IV Recode Map (PDF, 463K)
Small PDF IconDHS-V Recode Manual (PDF, 393K)
Small PDF IconDHS-V Recode Map (PDF, 283K)
Small PDF IconDHS-VI Recode Manual (PDF, 1542K)
Small PDF IconDHS-VI Recode Map (PDF, 1103K)
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The Recode Manual provides the information necessary to understand these datasets. It describes each data file and contains its associated dictionary and documentation. Each data file and its associated dictionary and documentation are distributed in archived ZIP files, for all available formats (hierarchical and flat). ASCII data and System data files are available for CSPro, SAS, SPSS, and STATA. Users are strongly encouraged to download the DHS recode manual for use with all recode files.