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Domestic Violence, Gender
Zambia, Egypt, Cambodia, India, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru
Sunita Kishor and Kiersten Johnson of ORC Macro, MEASURE DHS+, Calverton, Maryland, USA
Publication Date
June 2004
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This study uses household and individual-level data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) program to examine the prevalence and correlates of domestic violence and the health consequences of domestic violence for women and their children. Nationally representative data from nine countries—Cambodia (2000), Colombia (2000), the Dominican Republic (2002), Egypt (1995), Haiti (2000), India (1998-1999), Nicaragua (1998), Peru (2000), and Zambia (2001-2002)—are analyzed within a comparative framework to provide a multifaceted analysis of the phenomenon of domestic violence.