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Comparative Reports
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Family Planning
Charles F. Westoff and Akinrinola Bankole and Macro International Inc. Calverton, Maryland, USA
Publication Date
June 1995
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Small PDF IconFront Matter (PDF, 666K)
Small PDF IconSection 01 - Introduction (PDF, 296K)
Small PDF IconSection 02 - The Concept of Unmet Need (PDF, 327K)
Small PDF IconSection 03 - The Measurement of Unmet Need (PDF, 370K)
Small PDF IconSection 04 - Estimates of Unmet Need and Demand, for Married Women (PDF, 478K)
Small PDF IconSection 05 - Covariates of Unmet Need (PDF, 440K)
Small PDF IconSection 06 - Composition of Need (PDF, 629K)
Small PDF IconSection 07 - Trends in Unmet Need for Married Women (PDF, 320K)
Small PDF IconSection 08 - Unmet Need, Never-married Women (PDF, 521K)
Small PDF IconSection 09 - Formerly Married Women (PDF, 440K)
Small PDF IconSection 10 - All Women (PDF, 327K)
Small PDF IconSection 11 - Demographic Significance of Unmet Need (PDF, 845K)
Small PDF IconSection 12 - Summary and Conclusions (PDF, 313K)
Small PDF IconReferences (PDF, 306K)
Small PDF IconAppendix - Summary of DHS-I and DHS-II surveys, 1985 to 1995 (PDF, 411K)
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Comparative reports are descriptive in their approach, contrasting findings from many countries to search for trends and patterns in important health and population indicators. The reports serve largely as reference documents and typically draw on all available DHS (and sometimes other) data collected over a recent time period.