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Comparative Reports
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Infant and Child Mortality
George Bicego and Omar B. Ahmad and Macro International Inc. Calverton, Maryland, USA
Publication Date
August 1996
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Small PDF IconFront Matter (PDF, 662K)
Small PDF Icon1 - Introduction (PDF, 170K)
Small PDF Icon2 - Levels, Patterns, and Trends in Childhood (PDF, 867K)
Small PDF Icon3 - Bio-demographic Differentials in Childhood Mortality (PDF, 885K)
Small PDF Icon4 - Socioeconomic Differentials in Childhood Mortality (PDF, 1047K)
Small PDF Icon5 - Conclusions (PDF, 444K)
Small PDF IconReferences (PDF, 313K)
Small PDF IconAppendix A - Calculations of Synthetic Cohort Probabilities of Death (PDF, 279K)
Small PDF IconAppendix B - Summary of DHS-I, DHS-II and DHS-III Surveys, 1985-1995 (PDF, 188K)
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The aim of this report is to assist in the formulation of child health policy and the evaluation of programs intended to improve the well-being and survival prospects of young children. Levels, trends and differentials in childhood mortality are presented using DHS data collected in 20 countries over the period 1990-1994.