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Further Analysis
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Family Planning
Indonesia, Sri Lanka
Soma Silva, Victor de Silva, A.T.P.L. Abeykoon, Sri M. Adioetomo, Ayke S. Kitting, Salman Taufik, John W. Molyneaux, Charles Lerman, E. Srihartati P. Pandi, Soni Trisno Wibisono and DHS Program, IRD/Macro, Columbia, Maryland, USA
Publication Date
March 1990
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The studies focus on one or more of the topics covered in the DHS survey, such as fertility, contraception, maternal and child health, breastfeeding, marriage and fertility preferences; their interrelationships, for example, the effects of the proximate determinants of fertility and the determinants of contraceptive use or child survival; and their correlation with background variables. Although the principal source of data is the DHS survey, comparisons with previous WFS, CPS, or other surveys in order to examine trends over time are included in some of the studies.