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Further Analysis
Egypt Interim DHS, 2003
Fatma El-Zanaty and Ann A. Way
Publication Date
February 2004
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Small PDF IconFront Matter (PDF, 377K)
Small PDF IconChapter 01 - Introduction (PDF, 302K)
Small PDF IconChapter 02 - Socio-economic Indicators (PDF, 618K)
Small PDF IconChapter 03 - Fertility (PDF, 576K)
Small PDF IconChapter 04 - Family Planning (PDF, 595K)
Small PDF IconChapter 05 - Source for Family Planning Methods (PDF, 276K)
Small PDF IconChapter 06 - Maternal Health (PDF, 899K)
Small PDF IconChapter 07 - Child Health and Nutrition Status (PDF, 798K)
Small PDF IconChapter 08 - Childhood Mortality (PDF, 303K)
Small PDF IconChapter 09 - Knowledge of AIDS, Hepatitis C and Safe Injection Practices (PDF, 290K)
Small PDF IconChapter 10 - Female Circumcision (PDF, 319K)
Small PDF IconReferences (PDF, 61K)
Small PDF IconAnnex A - Detailed Tables (PDF, 1319K)
Small PDF IconAnnex B - Sampling Errors (PDF, 109K)
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Further Analysis Reports provide results emanating from research that is typically based in and on a single DHS country. The projects usually entail collaborative work with host country representatives and are designed with two objectives: 1) to build local capacity and 2) to provide Further Analysis Reports that inform the reader about key program and policy issues within a host country.