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New ERA Rudramati Marg, Kalopul PO Box 722, Kathmandu, Nepal and ORC Macro, Calverton, Maryland, USA
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June 2005
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This survey provides information about 335 children’s homes and 8,821 children in Nepal. The majority of homes had fewer than 25 children while only a few had 100 children or more. The number of children admitted to homes over the last two years has increased dramatically. The proportion of conflict-affected children among recent admissions is also increasing. Most of the children in the homes had lost both of their parents. The status of children in the homes is generally good. Their nutritional status is better than the average Nepalese children. Most of the homes had made reasonable arrangements for schooling the children and also have arranged for periodic visits of medical personnel. About 7 percent of the children had some kind of health programs requiring ongoing medical care, most often waterborne diseases, ear nose and throat and skin infections, arthritis, and mental illness. Children admitted from conflict-afflicted areas were most likely to be psychologically traumatized.