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Qualitative Research Studies
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QRS20 Understanding Unmet Need in Ghana: Results from a Follow-up Study to the 2014 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (English) 01/2016 Yes Yes
QRS19 Determinants of the Duration of Birth Intervals in Tanzania: Regional Contrasts and Temporal Trends (English) 09/2013 Yes Yes
QRS18 The Use of Family Planning Methods in Mali: The How and Why of Taking Action (English) 09/2011 Yes Yes
QRS17 Women's Recall of Delivery and Neonatal Care in Bangladesh and Malawi (English) 03/2010 Yes Yes
QRS16 Alcohol Consumption, Sexual Partners, and HIV Transmission in Namibia (English) 08/2009 Yes Yes
QRS15 Social Context of Disclosing HIV Test Results: HIV Testing in Tanzania (English) 09/2008 Yes Yes
QRS14 Integrating Family Planning and VCT Services in Ethiopia: Experiences of Health Care Providers (English) 09/2008 Yes Yes
QRS13 Social Dynamics of VCT and Disclosure in Uganda (English) 12/2006 Yes Yes
QRS12 Home-Based HIV Testing and Counselling in a Survey Context in Uganda (English) 08/2006 Yes Yes
QRS11 Factors that Influence Women's Uptake of PMTCT Interventions in Georgetown, Guyana (English) 12/2005 Yes Yes
QRS10 Comprehension of Questions in the Tanzania AIDS Indicator Survey (English) 12/2004 Yes Yes
QRS9 Signs of Illness, Treatment, and Support for Young Children in Guinea: A Prospective Community Study (English) 09/2004 Yes Yes
QRS8 Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) for HIV in Malawi: Public Perspectives and Recent VCT Experiences (English) 06/2004 Yes Yes
QRS7 Obtenir le consentement éclaire pour le test VIH; L'expérience de l'Enquête Démographique et de Santé au Mali (French) 01/2004 Yes Yes
QRS6 Water, Koko, and Appetite: Complementary Feeding Practices in Kumasi, Ghana (English) 09/2003 Yes Yes
QRS5 Coping with Pregnancy; Experiences of Adolescents in Ga Mashi Accra (English) 11/2002 Yes  
QRS4 Obtaining Informed Consent for HIV Testing: The DHS Experience in Mali (English) 11/2002 Yes Yes
QRS3 Introducing Complementary Foods to Infants in Central Mali (English) 10/2001 Yes  
QRS1 Contraceptive Practice in Quirino Province, Philippines: Experiences of Side Effects (English) 02/2001 Yes Yes
QRS2 Female Genital Cutting and Coming of Age in Guinea (English, French) 12/1999 Yes Yes
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