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AIS Questionnaires

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AISQ1 AIS Questionnaires (English, French)   Yes  

AIS Manuals

ID Title Published   Download In Print
AISM9 Tabulation Plan for HIV Prevalence (English)   Yes  
AISM8 HIV Testing Manual (English)   Yes  
AISM7 Tabulation Plan for the AIS Final Report (English)   Yes  
AISM6 Tabulation Plan for the AIS Preliminary Report (English)   Yes  
AISM5 DHS Sampling Manual (English)   Yes  
AISM4 AIS Household Listing Manual (English)   Yes  
AISM3 Guidelines for AIS Interviewer Training (English)   Yes  
AISM2 AIS Supervisor’s and Editor's Manual (English)   Yes  
AISM1 AIS Interviewer's Manual (English, French)   Yes  

AIS Indicators Guides

ID Title Published Download In Print
AISG1 International HIV/AIDS Indicators (English)   Yes  
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