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Jul 18, 2005
MEASURE DHS releases a new CD on female genital cutting (FGC)

Calverton, MD. The CD-Rom assembles all information on female genital cutting (FGC) collected since 1989 under the DHS project, including: FGC chapters from final reports, survey questionnaires on FGC, text of FGC module currently used, and DHS publications on FGC, including a newly released comparative report. For a free copy of the CD, see the contact information below.

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May 02, 2005
New DHS report on female genital cutting in 16 countries shows changes over time

CALVERTON, Maryland - Female genital cutting is on the decline in some areas, and practices are changing, according to a new report. Also known as female circumcision and female genital mutilation, female genital cutting (FGC) varies among ethnic groups and has been widely misunderstood, says the report.

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Apr 11, 2005
Madagascar experiences dramatic improvements in women’s and children’s health

Mothers and children in Madagascar have experienced a two-fold improvement in health in recent years. Breast feeding, use of family planning, vitamin A supplementation, and vaccination coverage are all on the rise, according to the latest MEASURE DHS survey released April 8 in Antananarivo.

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Apr 11, 2005
Seven percent of Tanzanians infected with HIV

Tanzania continues to battle high HIV infection rates, according to the new Tanzania AIDS Indicator Survey (THIS). Seven percent of adult men and women are infected with HIV. Nationwide, prevalence is higher in urban areas. The regions of Iringa and Mbeya have the highest prevalence rate at 13 percent.

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Sep 09, 2004
Report: Domestic violence threatens health of children with lower immunization rates and higher mortality rates and poor nutrition

Domestic violence has an obvious impact on the health and well being of the women being abused, but a new report also highlights important intergenerational effects of such violence: the children of abused women are also more likely to suffer health problems.

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